We are only three episodes in, and I’m telling you right now, Capture is the best show you’re not already watching on TV! Every Tuesday night has been edge-of-my-seat, yelling-at-my-TV fun, and last night’s episode was no exception. If you want to catch up, stop reading now cause here’s your ***spoiler alert***.

So the blue team has emerged as the show’s villains (after all, every show needs one, right?). I love that they’re being dubbed “The Blue Devils” — that couldn’t have been planned any better. In last night’s episode, the blue team was “randomly” chosen as the hunt team (I question if that was truly random because, again, that couldn’t have been more perfectly timed). Like the other teams on the show, I’m not a big fan of the blue team. They’re cocky and self-absorbed. But I also found myself cheering them on last night, especially when they captured the purple team on their first hunt (maybe I was just getting tired of hearing how awesome the purple team is at parkour!). And then, after being captured, the purple team just melted down … I confess, it was a little fun to watch.

I just love the way this show incorporates humor and manipulation and loyalty and then adds a dash of the unexpected — tears over sub sandwiches? I mean, really! It’s a fun ride. Each team has it’s own unique, and sometimes outlandish, personalities. There’s plenty of plotting and plenty of scheming.  And, in last night’s episode, there was cake — so what’s not to love? My favorite line of the night was: “Chocolate cake was ultimately my downfall.” I hear ya brotha! You should tune in to Capture, Tuesdays at 9 on Atlanta’s CW69. Then, get back to me — are you #TeamBlue or #TeamAnyoneElse?

Source: The CW Network

Source: The CW Network


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