‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Run from Wade

Discussing Season 2, Episode 17

[Spoilers from episode 17 below]

Zoe has the break-up blues, and after accusing a high school boy of cheating on his girlfriend (with special Olympic guest star in attendance), she realizes that hate may not be the most appropriate approach to grieving.

Last night’s episode featured the return of two memorable past characters Lily Anne Lonergan and Jonah Breeland. The latter of which tried to seduce Zoe out of her break-up blues, but here lies the difference between Jonah and Wade. Jonah nudges Zoe’s arm and slyly asks her if she wants to hook up. Wade wouldn’t ask. He’d probably tell her they’re hooking up before it even happens. One’s semi-sexy. The other is just plain sexy.

Without further wait, let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments.

The Good: The town ostracizes Wade. Really, this is a bit sad. Even if he cheated — which shouldn’t be condoned — Wade looked a little pathetic as Bluebell’s citizens kept ridiculing him, going as far as to say “God hates you.” Ouch. And to make matters worse, he was saddled with Lavon in a church charity event. Lavon took Zoe’s side in the break-up, leaving Wade without his best friend and the only girl that he ever really cared about.

By the end, Lavon and Wade reconnect and Zoe tells Wade that she doesn’t hate him, but one day, she hopes she’ll be able to move on. Their break-up feels permanent, and I’m not exactly sure what Wade can do to change the course of events and win Zoe back. I’m not even sure if he can. 

At least one thing’s certain, Tansy has made it absolutely clear that George Tucker is her boyfriend, not Zoe’s. In one of the best parts of the night, Tansy tells Zoe to find someone like George to date. Not George. Thank goodness for Tansy. She has become the “No George Tucker Love Triangle” spokesperson of the season.

The Great: Shelby and Brick Breeland outlast Lemon’s schemes. For once, I actually really like Brick’s choice in ladies. Shelby’s bubbly personality compliments his stuffy ways, actually making him less of a snoozer. As Lemon snooped in Shelby’s house to find dirt on her, I hoped Lemon would crash and burn. Luckily, the only info she had to ruin her father’s relationship was Shelby’s financial troubles. But Brick already knew about them, and Lemon couldn’t stop Shelby from moving in.

Magnolia also came out on top in the arrangement. After trying to bribe her with a designer purse and Carrie Underwood tickets, Shelby and Brick handed over a new set of wheels. At least she doesn’t deny that she’s spoiled and shallow.

The Brilliant: Lily Anne Lonergan, Wade’s ex-girlfriend and bandmate, returns! Not only were we able to hear new songs like “Run from Wade” and catchy tunes about why he doesn’t wear a shirt, but Lonergan ended the show singing the Wade hate-filled song from episode 2 that literally made me fan-girl.

Remember this? “You’re the nose hair of humanity / You ravaged me emotionally / I was fine, but now I see / You disgust me. You disgust me. You disgust me. Whoa-ah-oh, whoa-ah-oh, whoa-ah ah oh.” Yep, it happened again.

It’s good that Zoe learned to move past her hate — unlike Lily Anne — but who didn’t love Zoe jumping on her bed singing “Run from Wade” and then shouting it at Jonah Breeland in the town square?

What’d you think about the episode? Are you glad that Zoe and Wade are taking a break? Or are you like Lily Anne and the townspeople, ready to make Wade voodoo dolls and rip off his head?

Becca Ritchie


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