‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Here Comes the Truth

Discussing Season 2, Episode 16

[Spoilers from episode 16 below]

With next week’s episode titled “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” things are not looking too sunny for Zoe and Wade’s relationship. On the bright side, Wanda and Tom Long shared nuptials in a combo Star Wars and Lord of the Rings wedding. Wanda even prepared with hairy hobbit feet. Let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments.

The Good: George Tucker unleashes his “monster” and defeats his nemesis in a lawsuit. The one time I rewound was to see George do his winner’s dance in the rival’s lawyers face, singing “you lost, you lost” over and over. Upon Lavon’s request, George filed an injunction against the neighboring town’s shopping mall that would rest right up against Bluebell’s beach. One reason season 2 has been so successful (and wildly better than the first) is because of George Tucker’s turn from a big snoozer to the biggest comedic character in the show.

Also, when George found out that Wade lied to him — telling him that the girl he took home needed her battery jumped (not true) — he takes the beast that’s won the lawsuit and threatens to beat up Wade. But Tansy, strangely, steps in and punches Wade in the gut to divert the situation. The scene made me wonder whether Tansy’s motives were to stop George from reigniting the love triangle from season one. Your thoughts?

The Great: Lemon and Annabeth reunite. Thank goodness! Lemon frustrated me as she constantly pushed away the one true person who cares for her wholeheartedly. What did it take for Annabeth to win Lemon over? Well, first she intervened when Lemon went on a date with a second-grade classmate who couldn’t shake his paste-eating habits or his creepy voice. After Annabeth saved Lemon from the possibility of being cut into tiny pieces, she became her date for Tom Long’s wedding. Now, if only Lemon will let Annabeth happily date Lavon.

The Brilliant: Wade lies to Zoe. Really, Wade? In a season where Zoe has had to fight for the Rammer Jammer bartender, I kinda knew he’d screw up at some point. And in most shows, cheating really doesn’t feel this serious. Which is not only a testament to the level and trust of their relationship, pre-scandal, but to the show’s heart. Cheating shouldn’t be taken lightly.

At first Zoe bought Wade’s excuse about helping a girl restart her battery in the parking lot. But after she had to deal with Wanda’s boozing mother to ease the bride’s growing stress and hives, she added the pieces together. Zoe served as Wanda’s maid of honor (Tansy said it best, Do you even know her?) and Wade became Tom Long’s sex therapist, I mean, best man. So naturally, Zoe and Wade had to walk down the aisle together. He proclaimed it’d be romantic. Really, it was just excruciating.

As the wedding ended Wade said, “Zoe” — as though he’d finally decided to tell the truth. Maybe it was Wanda and Tom’s vows about faithfulness and always telling the truth. But Zoe replied, “I know.” And his face shattered.

On a bench outside, he apologized and said he screwed up. There’s really no one to blame but Wade Kinsella’s playboy ways that sprouted after losing the Battle of the Bands.

By the end, Zoe danced with Lavon, Tansy punched Wade, George caged his “monster” and Annabeth and Lemon laughed together. A bittersweet moment to a whole lot of sad that’ll probably head our way. How do you feel about the soon-to-be breakup? Are you ready to see Wade try to win back Zoe? As long as we’re not in another Wade-Zoe-George love triangle, I can cope.

Becca Ritchie


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