‘TVD’ Recap: Into the Fire

Discussing Season 4, Episode 15

[MAJOR spoilers below. Don’t read unless you’ve seen episode 15.]

So it happened. A death struck Mystic Falls and all its citizens, and for such an important character in the show, the send-off felt right. Ranking the numerous deaths seems callous and is probably immeasurable anyway, but the writers granted enough time for Jeremy’s close for a sense of conclusion. And in the same right, they allowed time for each character to mourn Jeremy in their own way. Let’s discuss the good, great and brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Bonnie goes crazy. Seriously, Silas has infiltrated her mind! If anything good comes from this season, it has to be Bonnie’s character turning from a ho-hum “I hate vampires” witch to a powerfully unstable witch who may actually be Team Vampire. Professor Shane tells Bonnie the only way she’ll be able to bring Jeremy back from the dead is by committing a third massacre of supernatural beings. Thus breaking the veil between the supernatural spirit world and the living world. Meaning, all the supernatural baddies that have been killed will come back to life.

What a twist! Even though Bonnie’s slightly crazy right now and she seems to be the only one willing to commit serial murder for the love of her life — and thus bringing back old foes — I’m hoping she finds a way to do it. With the Originals heading to New Orleans — and maybe even their own spin-off series — “TVD” is going to look a little empty. Having some old faces back would be quite entertaining. Don’t you think?

Also, we learn from Rebekah and the Irish hunter that Silas has escaped the island and could be anyone. Rebekah runs into Professor Shane, who remains hurt on the ground. So who’s with Bonnie back in Mystic Falls? Silas? Or is she hallucinating Professor Shane? That’s still up for debate.

The Great: Matt mourns the loss of his friend. I didn’t start crying until Matt entered the Gilbert home and saw a pale (and apparently decomposing) Jeremy covered on the bed. Thinking back on the series, Matt and Jeremy formed a friendship away from the other supernatural beings. Essentially, they were Team Human (until Jeremy could talk to ghosts and became a Hunter, that is). And Jeremy loved Matt’s sister. Enough to graffiti her name in the parking lot.

While Elena has lost her entire family, Matt’s story comes like a blow too. He doesn’t have a Damon. A Stefan. Or an off switch, which clearly was juxtaposed at the end of the episode. While Elena shuts off her humanity at the suggestion of Damon (really, she had to follow his order since she’s sired), Matt bawled in his truck — not able to plug the waterworks with a vampire power.

The Brilliant: Well, I could say Jeremy’s death in general, but really, tonight’s episode went to Nina Dobrev who plays Elena. Dobrev’s acting during the scene where Elena finally accepts her brother’s death was brilliant and soul-crushing. Elena has lost everyone in her family. Her mother. Her father. Her birth father. Her teacher-turned-foster parent. Her aunt. And now her brother. I’d say she’s alone, but she still has the Salvatore brothers to lean on. And Dobrev made Elena’s grief look painful and absolutely unbearable.

To help Elena cope, Damon tells her to turn off her emotions. And in one deep breath, her tears dry. Her shoulders relax. She’s no longer sad, and she decides to burn down her house with her brother in it — as a cover story for his death. Stefan disagrees with Damon on Elena’s lack of humanity at the moment. But I have to side with Damon on this one. Her grief seemed debilitating. That, and I’m curious to see this new Elena in the upcoming weeks.

With Jeremy’s body — and the Gilbert house — going up in flames, I think it’s safe to say his death is official. Were you expecting Jeremy to meet his end? Or did you think Bonnie would find a supernatural way to save him? How long will Elena last without her humanity? Stefan’s probably hoping not long at all.

Becca Ritchie

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