By Wendell Scott

Remember that time you went to the fair and got cotton candy stuck in your hair? You don’t? Well I do. Let’s do it again at the Atlanta Fair!

The Atlanta Fair is making its way to Turner Field on March 1st and will be there until March 30th! You’ve got plenty of time to join in the fun.

The Fair has called Turner Field its home for about three decades and wants to continue the fun with you this year, too. But it’s not just about fun and games. The Fair also has an opportunity for your kid to get free admission. I saw your ears perk up! They have brought back the Reading for Rides Program again. All you have to do is go to that PTA meeting and ask the school, library or book club to join the program. Once you do join and participate fully, you can earn free admission to the fair. That’s definitely an incentive to read a 45-chapter book. Also by joining, each club will have one grand prize winner that wins an over-the-top party at the fair! Can I join? Even if I’m reading magazines?

Now for those of you that don’t feel like reading, you’re still welcome. I promise. Get ready for awesome attractions like soaring over 90 feet on the Double Sky Wheel or experiencing flight with the new Flying Dutchman.  They’ve even got the normal Carnival rides like the carousel and even a Mardi Gras-themed Glass House. One thing that I’m truly excited about is the 45-foot “Ring of Fire” roller coaster. You know when you get strapped in and go around a circle like fifteen times and stop at the top for what seems to be 15 minutes? Yeah, extreme fun.

For more information about the fair, visit: Unfortunately, they don’t tell you how to get that cotton candy out…

–Wendell Scott


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