We’ve all heard of stories told using different subjects and characters. There’s Toy Story. There’s CARS. But, have you ever heard of a story using motocross, trials and quad riders? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Nuclear Cowboyz is a one of a kind experience. Combining the excitement of  motocross and an awesome narrative, Nuclear Cowboyz are here to bring you the action. You’ll encounter two powerful motocross tribes who are trying to survive in their futuristic world. And, of course, as they try to survive, prepare yourself for freestyle aerial feats, gravity defying stunts, wild acrobatics and FIREWORKS. Yes, no show or story can be complete without fireworks.

As you get immersed in high-octane adventure and exhaust, pay attention to the sidelines too. The Nuclear Cowgirlz dancers will be performing their own amazing moves, too. Honestly, that won’t be my main focus of attention, but hey, they’re there.

This show sounds like it is going to be amazing, and you should definitely check it out even if motocross isn’t your thing. I know it’s not mine, but this sounds too awesome to pass up.  I want to try driving over one of those huge ramps though. Who am I kidding? I’d probably just roll down it instead.

The event will take place March 2nd and 3rd at Philips Arena. Get your tickets at www.ticketmaster.com

Vroom, vroom baby!

–Wendell Scott


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