I know when you look at that title you’re probably thinking, ‘My goodness, what could this be? A whale that knows how to skateboard? An elephant that plays the trumpet?’ While that might be absolutely awesome, the Fernbank Museum has a different take on it with their newest exhibition: Extreme Mammals.

Now what makes a Mammal extreme you might ask? Well, according to Fernback, the characteristics that we probably don’t even think about are extreme. We have hair, we have middle ear bones, and mammals are also warm-blooded. These are all characteristics that are specific to mammals and are extreme compared to other animal groups. Other features like the huge body, bony horns, and dagger-like teeth of the Uintatherium can be considered extreme too. We, as humans, are also different from other groups because of our large brain and our ability to walk upright on two legs.  Yes, I am now a researcher. I know all! –Yeah, not really. I just read the Fernbank website.

Help Fernbank kick off the opening day of the exhibit on March 2nd with a variety of events and fun times. There will be mammal-themed games, activities that teach you about the adaptation of humans and other familiar mammals, and you get to meet Giggy A. Dinosaur!

To find out more information about this great exhibit, visit: www.fernbankmuseum.org

–Wendell Scott


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