60 Beers. 40 Bourbons. Tons of BBQ. Did I die and go to heaven?

The Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Festival is coming… where is my bib? I need it now!

On March 2nd, Atlantic Station will be filled with savory smells, empty glasses and some full stomachs. The festival offers so much. Here are just a few of the things you can expect:

  • A souvenir glass complete with your purchase, so you can sample any and everything. My goodness, Atlantic Station is going to play host to many “happy” people. You’ve got 40 Bourbons and 60 beers to enjoy, but do it responsibly or I’ll come after you!
  • All of the BBQ you can eat. They’ll have pulled pork from WHOLE hogs, ribs, brisket, chicken, sausages, etc. They apparently like to keep all of the portions heavy and the prices low, which is good for my wallet because I’m going to need a lot of BBQ.
  • The event will also house many master distillers, brewmasters, and pit masters from the Deep South who will conduct seminars in the Tasting Theater. I’m assuming because they are from the Deep South, you’re not going to want to miss this ‘un.

They’ll also be having a Daisy Dukes and Boots contest. Should…. should I enter? I could always put on my sister’s jean shorts and roll them up a little higher. Nah, just the image in my head now is giving me a stomach ache. I’ll leave it to the ladies.

There are two Saturday sessions that I need to make sure you know about. First is the VIP Saturday Session. This will happen from Noon-6pm with a VIP Bacon and Whole Hog session complete with a tasting experience as well.  There will be more than ten Tasting Stations with gourmet bacon from around the nation and local bacon dishes prepared by some amazing restaurants around the Atlanta area. I didn’t even know there was gourmet bacon. Does Turkey Bacon count as a gourmet bacon? There will be pit masters showing you where exactly pulled pork comes from during Whole Hog Sessions as well. And get this, you not only get a VIP tasting area, but you get a VIP bathroom too. Which, I’m sure, will definitely come in handy…

Now the tickets for this session are about 91% sold out, according to the festival’s site — so get on it!

The Regular Saturday session will last from  2pm – 6pm.  You’ll get the fun times that I mentioned in the list above, plus a little bit more. There will be concerts, contests and other fun things  like the BBQ Sauce Challenge and the Rare Bourbon Tasting Table. These tickets are also bound to sell out, but you still have a chance.

Now if you’re done drooling on your keyboard, go to their website to find out how you can get your tickets, and see how else you can go Hog Wild!

Go to: www.beerandbourbon.com

Some proceeds will go to the Spirit of Hope Children’s Foundation, as well. So you’re eating for a good cause, there ya go. Wipe your mouth.

–Wendell Scott


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