‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Battle of the Bands

Discussing Season 2, Episode 15

[Spoilers from episode 15 below]

I swear, everyone in Bluebell can sing! What started out as a light and playful hour involving the unfortunately nicknamed Meatball and Wade Kinsella’s band, ended up with shared honesty between Wade and George, crushed dreams and broken hearts. Next week can’t come sooner. Let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments.

The Good: Tom wants to marry Wanda! With Lavon’s help, they prepare a horse-drawn carriage proposal theme. However, Tom Long happens to be a little jittery around horses. And then Lavon overhears Wanda say something about the proposal being wrong. As Lavon tells Tom, the horse drags him away.

Back in the town square, zombies emerge and start to sing Tom Long’s favorite song. It’s Wanda! She actually wanted to propose first and feared Tom ruining her plans. And who knew both of them could sing so well? Proposal accepted. I’m looking forward to a Bluebell wedding that actually passes the altar.

The Great: Annabeth stalks Lemon to try to win her friendship. And Walt dumps Lemon. As Lemon grows possessive over Walt in an attempt to avoid Annabeth, he calls it quits. For all Annabeth’s trouble, she finds out that Lavon will wait for her when she’s ready to be in a relationship.

The Brilliant: Wade signs up for the battle of the bands. Only problem: his lead singer Meatball can’t sing. At first, Zoe supports Wade one hundred percent, even dressing down in a baggy T-shirt for the first time EVER. The swooning for her sexy musician boyfriend ends as Meatball takes to the microphone and starts screeching. Zoe tries to interfere by not-so-subtly telling him that Meatball sucks.

Of course, Zoe’s comments upset Wade but he ends up kicking Meatball out for “creative differences” anyway and enlists George to help cover some songs. Yes! Scott Porter who plays George has a killer voice. A couple of weeks ago he sang Jolene to a dog. Now, he’s a burgeoning musician.

Zoe makes up with Wade by gifting him a neon sign that says “Wade’s Place” for his bar-to-be. Only, Wade looks fearful of screwing up and not winning that chunk of cash. He chickens out, yells at George and ends up self-destructing, ruining his own chances by putting Meatball back in the band. Maybe he’s so afraid of failing, he won’t he allow himself the chance to succeed.

Wade loses twenty-thousand dollars and takes home a brunette from the bar. Uh-oh. Not good. Zoe still has no idea what happened, and the whole exchange between her, George and Tansy (who saw Wade leave with another woman) was brutal. Next week, I expect this will come to a head.

Becca Ritchie


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