By Wendell Scott

Growing up I would love watching Jurassic Park. It would scare me. It would fascinate me. But most of all, I found that dinosaurs truly ruled!

Now you and I get to rekindle our love for the small-armed T-Rex at Discover the Dinosaurs happening at the North Atlanta Trade Center. You will travel back in time to touch and feel the magnificent creatures that used to roam the Earth. There are two ways to discover this awesome venue. First, they have the main exhibit with 8-10 scenes of different dino species in their natural environments. You get a chance to touch and feel the dinosaurs as well! This is no ordinary museum! You’ll experience fog, realistic plants, sound effects and of course animatronics in each scene. Don’t get too scared though. Just tell yourself, “They’re not real! They’re not real!” Before departing on your adventure, don’t forget to pick up a map so you can complete your expedition and scavenger hunt. It was stated that once the kids finish the scavenger hunt and spin the wheel, they get a prize. But, I will be the one adult that will spin the wheel. I will win the prize.

Another way you can discover this great exhibit is by experiencing the many additional attractions that are spread throughout the space. You’ll encounter the Dino Dig where you can become a Jr. Paleontologist, discovering new species of dinosaurs. You can have fun with a round of mini golf. Of course the ball will have to go into a raptor’s mouth or something at some point on the course I’m sure of it. Have you ever dreamed of panning for gems and fossils? Well at Discover the Dinosaurs your dreams come true. They’ve got mine where you can sift through mining rough and reveal some valuable gems and fossils that you can take home with you! Perhaps one of the most fascinating attractions to me is the Dinosaur Ride. Yes, you heard me. You can ride a dinosaur. A T-Rex and Triceratops are both waiting to be tamed by you! Hop on the saddle and rise these babies into the sunset. Okay maybe not into the sunset, but you get the idea.

The event is happening February 22nd-24th at the North Atlanta Trade Center.

Head here to get your tickets and to find out more information about your adventure:


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