‘TVD’ Recap: Hunt for the Cure

Discussing Season 4, Episode 14

[MAJOR spoilers below. Don’t read unless you’ve seen episode 14.]

Whoa. Last night I sat in a state of despair (well, not quite that strong of a sentiment, but something close). With that utterly heart-breaking conclusion (is it really final?), I’m just proud that I didn’t scream at my television. Let’s talk about clearly the most brilliant and devastating moment of the night along with the good and great ones.

The Good: Finally, answers about the cure! With Klaus back in Mystic Falls helping Caroline and Tyler unlock the sword and Damon held captive by one of the Five — who also happens to be Irish — we received answers in little snippets.

Everyone thought there was enough of the cure to go around for centuries. Oh no. Not true. Klaus reads the ancient language on his sword and announces that there is only one dose of the cure, and for the vampire hunter, he believes it’s meant for Silas. He’ll make him mortal and then kill him. For Damon and Stefan, they still want Elena human. And Rebekah wants it for herself. I petition that the Irish vampire hunter should make his way in another CW show. His acting is top-notch. And he’s pretty nice to look at.

Also some bit of knowledge arrived as Professor Shane broke his leg in the cave. Bonnie and Jeremy left him there (yes!) and so did Stefan (double yes!), and then Bonnie came in contact with her Grams, who she thought was a ghost. But since Jeremy — the Ghost Whisperer that he is — can’t see Bonnie’s deceased grandmother, we realize that it’s a hallucination caused by Silas. Nice twist, considering this means that Shane’s wife appearing and telling him to massacre was really just the evil Silas all along.

The Great: Tyler and Caroline say goodbye. Since Klaus won’t be taking the cure, Tyler freaks out — with good reason. He threatened Klaus, taunted him with his dead brother’s body and masterminded the deception of his hybrids, who planned to kill him. Caroline asks Klaus to grant mercy on Tyler.

Klaus does show kindness. For her. He makes this clear. But he doesn’t let Tyler go free exactly. He says he’s giving him a head start before he kills him. This season, I found Caroline to be a little more irritating than normal. Mostly because she’s been using Klaus, and her pairing with Stefan made her revert back to her old days pre-vampire status. So even though I did love Tyler and Caroline together, the scene didn’t leave me teary-eyed. I look forward to the future of her storyline now that this is all in the past. Do you?

The Brilliant: A Mystic Falls native dies … or does he? After Kat Graham said on Twitter how filming episode 15 was emotional (that’s the next episode, not this one), I figured someone was bound to die. Out of the entire list, I predicted Jeremy. He was easy fodder, and Elena would probably grow more sympathetic (or whiny) from it. I was hoping that Elena would be the one to die because that would have been a game changer. Maybe Katherine would have had to take her place in Mystic Falls instead.

So how does Jeremy Gilbert die exactly? Silas’ skeleton needs blood in order to become all fleshy and release the cure that’s in his stone-like grasp. The Irish vampire hunter stabs Bonnie, and while she’s bleeding out, Jeremy fights off the hunter from waking Silas.

The only problem: Katherine’s back. She knocks out the hunter and then forces Jeremy against Silas, making the immortal being feed on the poor little Gilbert boy. And then, horribly, Silas cracks Jeremy’s neck. He falls lifeless on the ground, his wide-eyes open, seemingly staring at Bonnie. Since he’s one of the Five, his magical ring to bring him back to life doesn’t work.

I don’t know whether to mourn or not. Could there be a possibility for Bonnie to bring him back to life? Can she swap her life for his? Would she? There’s so many possibilities that the death scene just left me utterly perplexed. As a Jeremy Gilbert fan, especially of his overall series arc, I truly hope he’ll live. Why? The kid has experienced the death of his parents, the death of two girlfriends and been compelled to forget important events by his sister and friends. He’s had a really awful life, and right when he gains some sort of power in the game — that being a strong hunter — this happens.

Your turn. Were you shocked by the news? Are you satisfied with the outcome or are you wishing for a rewind and delete button? Do you think his death is final? Sound off below!

Becca Ritchie

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