I’ve got a quick question for you. What’s cooler than being ice cold? No, I’m not quoting that Outkast song, I’m really trying to figure this out. Diving into icy waters sounds like it would be the correct answer to that question. The 4th annual Polar Plunge, sponsored by Special Olympics, will take place at Lake Lanier Islands on February 16th.

You might be wondering, how does this work? Polar bears go to the water’s edge and dive in? No, that’s cute. Not cool. How about guys and girls in their swimming trunks and bikinis jumping into those ice cold Lake Lanier waters? Now, that’s cool. Participants collect as many pledges as they can in exchange for the opportunity to dive in on Feb 16th. These pledges collected by “plungers” will benefit the athletes of Special Olympics Georgia! How awesome is that?

Aside from plunging, there will be contests for best costume, highest fundraiser, highest fundraising team, and much more! Maybe Vanilla Ice will make an appearance? Wishful thinking, I guess. And if you’re not into the whole “diving into ice cold waters” thing, there will be many areas that are heated with warm concessions and fun souvenirs for you to purchase!

And what’s so awesome about The Polar Plunge is that it is  the largest fundraising effort benefiting Special Olympics! There are tons of states across the U.S. that participate in this annual event with a purpose to raise funds to enhance Special Olympics’ mission.

If you’re brave enough to register, or just want to find out more information, visit: http://www.specialolympicsga.org/torch-run/events/polar-plunge/

–Wendell Scott


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