‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Real Dolly Parton, Please Stand Up

Discussing Season 2, Episode 14

[Spoilers from episode 14 below]

Jonah Breeland visited Bluebell this week. No, he’s not a long lost brother or an estranged uncle. He happens to be Dr. Breeland’s very cute, very smart doctor nephew. He didn’t bring as much chaos and havoc as say his cousin Lemon, but he did mull over the idea of sticking around town. To which Zoe replied by saying there are way too many Breelands in Bluebell. But in this case, I’d definitely like to see another. Let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: George Tucker sings “Jolene” to Dolly Parton. Not the real Dolly but Tansy’s dog that’s also named after the southern singer. If I was on the fence about Tansy’s mental state, I’m certainly not anymore. She’s pretty much crazy. So crazy that when she left George with Dolly, she warned him with crazy bug eyes about messing up. Of course the dog escapes his house boat to hide underneath the dock, and George sweetly (and in tune!) croons “Jolene” to coerce the dog out.

The Great: Wade decides to pursue his dream of opening a bar again! Backtracking, Zoe has been focused on spending time with her patients, who have started trusting her after the flu outbreak. So much so, that she’s neglected her man. She lets it slip that Wade doesn’t know what it’s like to focus on a career. Ouch.

After bailing on their camping trip to check on her patients — who were in the middle of surprising Dr. Breeland for his birthday — she realizes her faults and apologizes to Wade. But in the end, he opens up his binder of ideas for a new bar, invigorated to start it again. I, for one, am curious to see what a person like Wade Kinsella would name a bar.

The Brilliant: Annabeth comes clean about her relationship with Lavon. When she tells Lemon, the result was as expected. She was pissed. Angering Lemon is like crossing a dozen rabid bears in high heels. Not pretty. I wish Annabeth had the guts to stay with her heart and just pursue Lavon, but “girl code” has haunted her, and she decides to rebuild her friendship with Lemon. Which means kicking Lavon to the curb. What outcome were you hoping for?

Also, Shelby’s burlesque dance out of a birthday cake was surprisingly more classy than I thought it’d be. Especially while she was dressed in a nurse’s outfit. I shared Magnolia’s reaction, for sure.

Becca Ritchie


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