I took a trip to the Atlanta History Center for the first time earlier this week. Four words–I will be back.

I have never been so amazed by the amount of history that encompasses this entire city. From the Civil War to seeing those eccentric outfits during the 1996 Olympic Games, I learned so much while walking through the many exhibits offered at the center.

There was one exhibit that caught my eye though: Turning Point: The American Civil War. It is one of the nation’s largest exhibitions with over 1,400 original Union and Confederate artifacts, photographs, videos, and interactive pieces. For me, seeing personal artifacts from soldiers truly did it for me. I remember seeing the copies of the handwritten letters that the soldiers sent back to their homes as they fought. It was so very emotional.

One exhibit that you do not want to miss this month is Slavery at Jefferson’s Monticello: How the Word is Passed Down. It opens February 1st and lasts until July 7, 2013. The exhibit shows the power of family history and explores slavery and enslaved people in America through the lens of Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello plantation. You’ll learn about six enslaved families complete with stories of their descendants. I am so excited for this exhibit, I will definitely be going.

As far as the Atlanta History Center goes, you’ll be seeing many more posts throughout the year. This attraction is filled with amazement and wonder about Atlanta’s rich history.

–Wendell Scott


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