‘TVD’ Recap: Letting the Wrong One in

Discussing Season 4, Episode 12

[Spoilers from episode 12 below]

As a proponent for Team Originals, I did not expect (or really want) the outcome from Elena’s plan to kill Kol. Really, I share a love for all “TVD” characters, and it seemed that either Jeremy or Kol was going to walk away from the ultimate showdown. Who would have guessed that Elena’s strategy would actually work? Let’s discuss the good, the great and the brilliant moments.

The Good: Rebekah confides in Stefan. While Stefan uses Rebekah to retrieve her dagger for Klaus (in hopes to use it on Kol), he takes her to the cancelled 80s-style school dance. Rebekah opens up to Stefan, telling her that her real desire is to be human. To be married. Have children. Grow old. The moment was so touching that Stefan hesitated to continue tricking her. But no worry, Rebekah knew what he truly wanted all along. She passes over the dagger, telling him to go get the cure and to stop her brother Kol.

Were the Rebekah-haters converted with that scene? Matt was creeping behind the lockers during her “human” confession. Who thinks they’re destined for a happy ending? Do happy endings even happen in “TVD” anymore?

The Great: Kol dies, but more than that, Klaus — the icy Original vampire — looks like he feels hurt from his brother’s death. Shocking! After Elena invites Kol into the Gilbert house, she distracts him with a conversation about how they can work together while Matt tries to find the white oak stake. All the while, Klaus tries to locate a dagger so he can stop Kol from meddling. But he’s too late.

By the time Klaus arrives at the Gilbert house, Jeremy has succeeded in staking the Original vamp — after a few failed attempts. And Klaus looks on from outside, watching as his brother burns to death. He screams in rage, truly and passionately pissed. Elena looks confused, considering Klaus wanted to dagger his brother. But here’s what I think. The Originals never intend to kill one another. It’s all a game to them, and they live with the consistency that they cannot die. To actually see their family ties severed, well, that’s something Klaus can’t handle.

When Kol dies, Jeremy’s entire tattoo-map forms. He tears his shirt off (no one in my viewing party was complaining about that), and the tattoo spirals across his shoulders. We don’t get a good look at it, but there was something shaped like a compass over his heart.

The Brilliant: Bonnie uses her magic to cage Klaus. Her Expression quite literally drops Klaus to his knees. And it’s become quite clear: this is Bonnie Bennett’s season to change the game. Enough said.

Do you like the shift in power? Next episode, the gang is on the hunt for the cure with Professor Shane leading the pack. Will they find it? Share your speculations in the comments below!

Becca Ritchie

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