Performing in Athens, January 31st

Meet Hart Sawyer, the lead vocalist of the band Hart Sawyer & The Love Project, which features Johnny Livemore (drummer), Cheyne Quinter (guitarist) and Dede Giddens (bassist). As a graduate of Belmont University for Music Composition and Vocal Performance, she  possesses an array of knowledge and talent that’s helped her find her stride in the music arena. Listen to the upbeat “Free Your Mind” and you’ll quickly jump to your feet and start abusing the replay button.

The drummer of The Love Project, Johnny, introduced Hart to a variety of music and artists that she never listened to before and influenced her musical tastes today. Plus, her parents often played music in the serene, wooded Kentucky setting where she grew up. In addition to singing, Hart writes her own songs.

Listen to original “Beautiful Day” below. Her smooth vocals and effortless piano playing is reminiscent of Lana Del Rey (think “Born to Die” and “Video Games”).  She said, “Playing the piano as a child played a big role in the way I experienced music.” But she also tries to let her ears take a break every now and then by listening to instrumental sounds and finding her own individual voice.

On January 31st, Hart & The Love Project will play in Athens, GA at Farm 255 and perform at 11 pm. When asked about the Athens music scene, Hart said that she played solo in Nashville and L.A., but Athens has cool venues and even helped facilitate in making the band.

The future looks wide and open for Hart, and she plans on taking each moment as it comes. Her goal — and dream — lies in spreading positive messages to the world and inspiring people. She hopes her music will leave with positive intentions. As a testament to her easy-breezy, good-natured self, she ends with this sweet-hearted message, “I love Earth and all that inhabit it.”

Hart Sawyer & The Love Project are also searching for string players, specifically a Cellist and Violinist. Visit their website for more songs and events!


Becca Ritchie


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