‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Strawberry Fever

Discussing Season 2, Episode 13

[Spoilers from episode 13 below]

As the flu breaks out in Alabama, Zoe — dubbed Captain of the S.S. Bluebell — attempts to protect the town by proposing a quarantine. No one can be let in or out of Bluebell without a flu vaccine. I particularly enjoyed this lovely hour. It had everything. Plenty of George Tucker humor, Dr. Zoe Hart actually doing medical things, Zoe and Wade progressing in their relationship, Lemon being Lemon and lots and lots of chemistry between Annabeth and Lavon. Let’s discuss the Good, the Great and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Lemon decides to take the next step with her boyfriend, but the pesky flu ruins her plans. Some of you may be wondering, who is Walt? Apparently Lemon has had a boyfriend for eight weeks, and maybe I missed something somewhere, but this is news to me. Sifting through my “Hart of Dixie” fan knowledge, I remembered Walt from the basket episode in which he was supposed to end up on a date with Lemon, but instead Ruby bid for his basket on accident.

Since Lemon’s rusty at the whole dating business, Annabeth helps prepare Lemon for her sexy night with Walt. But once Lemon dresses up and invites Walt over to prepare dinner, she comes down with the flu. As he goes in for a kiss, she sneezes on him and covers it up with the toss of her hair and a smile. When she faints in his arms, he figures out she’s sick and spends the night caring for her. While Walt may not be the most…interesting character, he definitely suits Lemon’s neurotic personality. I think he’s a keeper. For now.

The Great: Wade breaks quarantine and infects the whole town with the flu! Backtracking, Wade has a concert with Lily Anne Lonergan, his ex-bandmate and ex-girlfriend. At first, Zoe and Wade tell each other that they don’t have to be the clinging boyfriend and girlfriend — always doing things together, needing to be groupies and such. But after she hears that he’s stuck for 48 hours with his ex-girlfriend, Zoe starts to reconsider.

And so does Wade. Lily Anne makes a move on him, so he treks back to Bluebell and skulks around town in an Eminem getup. When Zoe finds him cooped up in bed, sick as a dog, she scolds him for not answering his phone. He claims that he doesn’t need her taking care of him and that’s why he never told her. She storms off but returns and says that they should be the couples that do things together, that cares for one another. So she serves him soup, and he thanks her with a childish grin.

Later, Zoe faints while treating patients, and she wakes up in bed, in the care of Wade. A  definite cute ending to a terrific episode.

The Brilliant: Annabeth and Lavon finally kiss. Their chemistry is undeniable. George Tucker even said so! The neighboring town produced a promo video for the strawberry season, and George retaliates with his own Bluebell strawberry pickin’ commercial. Starring Lavon and Annabeth. That is until Annabeth bails from the video, lying to Lavon about catching the flu. Really she fears breaking “girl code” and dating her best friend’s ex-fling.

Crickett takes Annabeth’s place in the elaborate video that includes cheerleaders, a fire truck, strawberry decorations and pies — but no strawberry hot air balloon, to George’s sincere disappointment. The extras and crew drop out as the flu spreads, and Lavon makes matters worse. He’s love struck and refuses to continue the commercial with Crickett. When he delivers soup to Annabeth’s place, they spend time reading through southern magazines and smiling at each other.

Back to George, with his cast missing, he finds a star in a little kid who has been devouring the strawberry pies. The commercial turns out to be simple with a kick of southern charm. And when Annabeth returns the pot to Lavon, she proclaims that they can’t do what they did the other day. To which he replies with a steamy kiss — one that Annabeth accepts in a foggy haze. What do you think? Are you liking their relationship? Or do you think Lemon is destined for the Mayor?

Also, Rose was bummed to find out that she couldn’t attend a Black Keys concert due to the quarantine. But she did get a super snazzy invite to Magnolia’s party. Upon arriving, she happened to be the only one in attendance. Everyone else was sick home with the flu. She had to call Zoe to bail her out when a flu-ridden Magnolia grabbed on to her ankle — like a Stephen King novel, as Rose put it — and wouldn’t let go.

What were your favorite moments from the episode? Sound off below!

Becca Ritchie


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