‘TVD’ Recap: Keeping up with the Mikaelsons

Discussing Season 4, Episode 11

[Spoilers from episode 11 below]

There’s so much to talk about after that baby-vampire packed episode — most of which died by the hands of Kol. As The Originals literally held daggers to each others’ hearts (talk about family rivalry) and formed “teams” to try to find the cure first — or in Kol’s case, keep it hidden forever, the episode went from frightfully good to amazingly awesome. And strangely enough, Caroline and Tyler weren’t even present. So let’s discuss the Good, the Great and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Bonnie loses control of her magic. I’ve been waiting all season for Bonnie to snap out of her dopey state with Professor Shane and realize how crazy he actually is. When Professor Shane is cuffed by the sheriff for being a participant in the town council’s murder (he hypnotized the pastor into lighting the cabin on fire!), he’s questioned about his involvement. And he confesses to Bonnie about playing a huge part in their deaths.

Thankfully, Bonnie doesn’t sweep this little bit of information under the rug. She wields her new powerful magic and twists Shane’s hand until it’s all bent out of shape. He repeatedly tells her to stop, to control the darkness before it controls her. And her father steps in, and a wall of fire shoots up, blocking him from entering. After he soothes her with a few words, she begins to calm down enough to storm out and leave both Shane and her dad with wide-eyes.

Shane tells her father that only he can help her control the magic. So her father makes a plea for Bonnie to trust Shane. I still have a feeling that Professor Shane is more manipulative than good. There’s two ways this may play out if she continues on the path of “darkness.” Shane could either help Bonnie, thus turning her evil. Or Bonnie could really become evil without him. What do you think?

The Great: Kol is back! The Original vamp has a bone to pick with anyone who plans to resurrect the immortal Silas. Particularly Damon, who’s currently on Team Klaus, working with the hybrid to finish Jeremy’s mark. This includes turning a bunch of humans into vampires and setting them after Matt. As Matt flees, Jeremy follows and heads for his cabin. Since the vamps aren’t invited in, they’ll stay locked outside. It works, mostly because Damon stays behind and tries to hold off the attackers.

When Jeremy and Damon return to the bar, they find a pile of slaughtered baby vamps. And who’s to blame? Kol, of course. He’ll do anything to stop Klaus from getting the cure, which will unleash Silas. He also has to worry about Team Rebekah and Stefan who are busy finding the cure too. According to Rebekah, they’re in last place, but she creates a plan to locate Silas’ headstone.

Later, Kol runs into Rebekah, and she holds a dagger to his heart. He’s quick-witted and manages to play to her sentiments, and then puts one to hers in return. Klaus edges in and breaks up the fight. While Elijah was mentioned, the last part of the Mikaelson clan — and arguably the most beloved — was sadly missed. Too busy not bickering with his siblings.

Back at the bar, Kol continues meddling and compels Damon to kill Jeremy. Which brings us to the best moments of the night.

The Brilliant: Stefan locks Damon in a cell. Crazy, right? Backtracking a little, compelled Damon hunts Jeremy through the tunnels, shouting warnings for him to run away — that he’s going to kill him. Jeremy’s hunting skills are kind of disappointing. While he has super-strength, he still acts like a complete newbie, not really capable of killing a vampire without Damon to assist. Even when he has to defend himself from Damon, he’s not as self-assured as I thought he’d be.

Instead of striking him in the heart with a stake — something Damon asks repeatedly — Jeremy shoots him in a head, giving himself time to run away. He manages to escape to the woods where Elena shows up, and before Damon catches him, Stefan intervenes and snaps his neck. When Damon wakes up, he’s in a cell with Stefan smugly shutting the door. He asks for Elena, but Stefan reminds him that he can’t see her, he’ll just tell her to open the gate and she will since she’s sired to him.

So he’s stuck. In a jail. Until they find the cure, as Stefan puts it. Which could be a long, long time. Also, Elena walks in, expecting to go visit Damon, but Stefan reiterates why she can’t. She then claims that he’s changed, telling him that he’s hurt, that he’s acting out and it isn’t him. Stefan replies with the best line of the night: “You don’t know what I look like when I’m not in love with you.” Ooh, burn. I do like Stefan better sans Elena.

At the end, Jeremy and Elena return to the Gilbert residence, and Klaus knocks on their door, asking to take Jeremy away to protect him from his little brother Kol. Klaus says his brother will stop at nothing to kill Jeremy — maybe even burn down their home to do it. Elena refuses to give her brother to Klaus.

And then Elena creates a mega-plan. She remembers that if you kill one Original, their whole line of vampires they’ve turned will die. So if Jeremy kills Kol, the entire hunter’s mark will form in one instant. Shocker!

With all these new twists, it’s no wonder there’s a recap now at the beginning of each episode. I particularly think Silas will bring a lot of trouble to Mystic Falls. Maybe not cause the end of the world, as Kol believes. Even though it’ll be good for plot if someone discovers the cure, I keep finding myself siding with Kol because he seems the most intelligent on recognizing the clear and present danger. Stay tuned for more next week!

Becca Ritchie

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