Romeo, Romeo? Wherefore art thou Romeo?

I have been asking the same question for years now. Still haven’t gotten an answer.

If you’ve been asking too, maybe we can find him at the New American Shakespeare Tavern. January 31st-February 3rd, “Romeo and Juliet” will take over the Tavern stage. The Tavern is celebrating its 13th year performing this magnificent piece. The tale of two lovers bound by the disparity of their feuding families is all too familiar to us, but hey, we still like to see it right? A great pre-Valentine’s gift for your one true love. Let’s just hope it doesn’t end the same way as it did for Shakespeare’s characters.

Seeing Juliet at her balcony reminds me of my younger days when I would look out of my window and wonder where my star-crossed lover stood… then my neighbor would shine his flashlight at me, ruining the moment.

Tickets are on sale now, be sure to visit to find them!

Until then, we will continue the search for Romeo. Why didn’t Shakespeare make this easier?

–Wendell Scott


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