‘The Carrie Diaries’ Recap: Girls on Film

Discussing Season 1, Episode 2

[Spoilers from episode 2 below]

As my viewing party stated, the best part about “The Carrie Diaries” is that everyone is extremely likable. Really, I turn off the television and I just feel good. Even the zany Larissa who’s the editor of “Interview” magazine comes across as lighthearted and fun — while she’s shoplifting no less. However, instead of stealing clothes, Larissa kindly asks Carrie for her nail-polished purse for a photo shoot. The only problem? Carrie’s supposed to be interning at a firm, not meandering around New York City. Let’s discuss the Good, the Great and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Maggie and Walt end their loveless relationship. It’s clear by the way Walt flipped through a magazine with shirtless pics of Rob Lowe last episode that he’s just not into girls. Though, we still haven’t heard him express his feelings on the matter. His internal struggle stays internal, which really riles Maggie up as she tries to make out with him. He brushes her off, telling her that maybe she’s coming on too strong and looking desperate.

Next, Maggie’s cuddling up with a cop in his police car. Since her dad’s the police chief, their relationship has been keep quiet. And he happily gives her all the attention that she craves. When she returns to her house, she finds Walt waiting there for four hours. She smiles, thinking that he’ll apologize and she’ll throw her arms around him and everything will magically become better. But he decides to end things, telling her that he doesn’t love her in that way. Maggie looks devastated and spends the rest of the night recuperating with her gal pals.

The Great: Carrie uses her confidence to her advantage. She’s unshakable. Even when the redheaded boss lady gives her a deadline and a string of tasks (more like chores) to fulfill, Carrie still finds a way to make it to Brooklyn and hand off her purse to Larissa for a photo shoot. She returns, the boss lady with scorn in her eyes, and after she’s berated with negativity, Carrie very calmly pulls out finished binders, files and lunch. Finally, she tops it off by handing over a scarf, which pleases the boss lady since she was super worried on what to wear for a date.

The Brilliant: Mr. Bradshaw refuses to let Carrie date Sebastian Kydd. Backtracking a little, Carrie and Dorrit are grounded. Major bummer for Carrie considering Donna LaDonna is on the prowl for the new kid. She plans to set her neon nails in Sebastian and claim him for her own. At a family dinner with the LaDonnas and Kydds, Donna and Sebastian head outside to share a joint and talk — well Donna does most of the talking. The next day, she hands Sebastian back his blazer right in front of Carrie.

It doesn’t take much for Sebastian to calm Carrie down. She’s actually quite the mature young girl, brushing off most of Donna’s tricks. But when Mouse tells Carrie that Donna keeps hanging around Sebastian, she’s had enough. She decides to intervene and meet him at the pool club. The only problem, Carrie has promised Dorrit to hang out. And she’s just mending her relationship with her little sis.

Carrie chooses a boy over her sister — something I would be pissed about too if I was Dorrit. She says she’s fine, but she walks off with a dark pout. Carrie and Sebastian look like they’re having a great time in the pool. That is until her father shows up. He drags Carrie out of there, and when Sebastian reveals his identity, Mr. Bradshaw lays down the law. He tells Carrie that he knows Sebastian’s family, and they’re no good. She can’t date him anymore. What are the Kydds up to? We don’t know for sure yet, but if Mr. Bradshaw’s wary, then we should be too.

Lastly, Sebastian rings on the doorbell, and Carrie sneaks out for a quick chat. He asks her if she can still go to a concert. She says she’s not grounded anymore, but it’s better if she spends time with her sister. Good choice! Sebastian and Carrie still look smitten with each other, and we end with Carrie heading back inside and making peanut butter crackers with Dorrit, Maggie and Mouse.

What are you looking forward to next week? Do you think Walt will finally come to terms with his sexuality now that he’s cut ties with Maggie? Will Carrie continue to sneak around with Sebastian? What could his family be up to that has Mr. Bradshaw all concerned?

Becca Ritchie


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