‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Rock the Boat

Discussing Season 2, Episode 12

[Spoilers from episode 12 below]

Last night solidified relationships. With George Tucker’s mom playing matchmaker, the murky feelings between George and Zoe were tested — as was Tansy and Wade’s relationships with them. I feared that we’d be back to season one, grappling with an awkward love-triangle that feels lopsided (falling, in my opinion, too heavily in the Wade territory — George just doesn’t have as much chemistry with Zoe). Strangely enough, the George-Zoe romance seems to have been put to rest. Let’s jump right into it and discuss the Good, the Great and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Annabeth Nass dreamed of landing a Jane Austen-type of fellow with a lovely British accent, and she finds one in Bluebell! Sort of. The British fellow in question may not be so British. Lavon has a funny feeling he’s seen Oliver before, and he digs through his old boxes to find a picture of the same guy fishing trout in an Alabama river. After showing Oliver the picture, the guy comes clean and says that he has Foreign Accent Syndrome. He hit his head on his boat, and ever since, he’s been stuck with this accent. Lavon urges him to tell the truth to people.

When Oliver opens up to Annabeth, she suggests that he find help from Dr. Breeland. But here’s the thing. Oliver likes his new accent. He appears sophisticated and intelligent and all the ladies love it. Annabeth assures him that she’ll like him no matter how he talks. (Side Note: I actually thought Annabeth might like him with a really bad southern accent because she’s so sweet. Did you have hope for Oliver?)

As my viewing party noted, when Oliver started talking after being treated for the syndrome, he sounded pretty much like Forrest Gump. Clearly Annabeth wasn’t attracted to him anymore by her smile-grimace. Oliver saw it too and ended things over a voice-mail while still using slang like “pip, pip!” This time, he was faking his accent and decided he’d go on lying to girls just so they would respect him. Annabeth’s feeling a little shallow, but Lavon steps in as a friend and they end up sharing a table for lunch, leaving us to wonder whether or not a romance is in the future for this sweet pair.

The Great: Lemon finds out that Shelby’s dating her father. Backing up a little, Shelby and Dr. Breeland try to hide their relationship by posing Shelby as his receptionist. They fear Lemon won’t understand. For good reasons. She’s Lemon. She’s pretty much never understanding. Magnolia finds an animal-printed bra in the couch cushions, and now Lemon plans to find its owner — Cinderella-style. Not really, but she jokingly considers it.

Lemon prods Shelby about who her father spends all of his time with. Since Shelby’s the “receptionist” for the time being, she thinks that she’ll have the dirt on this “bimbo.” Shelby awkwardly dodges all of the questions and just tries to be friends with Lemon, but she’s not having it. When Annabeth calls to make an appointment for Oliver in the middle of the night, Lemon believes that her best friend may be having a relationship with her dad. That theory is quickly squashed when she confronts them. Dr. Breeland spits out that he’s dating Shelby.

By the end, everything seems all hunky-dory. Then Lemon leans into Shelby and whispers that she’ll break them up and send her packing to the panhandle. Yikes! Shelby looks worried but not dejected. Are you liking Dr. Breeland and Shelby’s relationship or are you hoping Lemon will sink her claws into their budding romance and rip it to shreds? This time, I’ll root against the determined blonde.

The Brilliant: George’s mother tries to reunite George and Zoe but to no avail. When the Tuckers roll into town, they meet Tansy in a bath towel on George’s houseboat. Not a good first impression. Even worse, they bump into Zoe and Wade at a movie theater where both Tansy and Wade yawn in boredom while George and Zoe click, talking about actors and other films like regular cinephiles. A light bulb clicks in Mrs. Tucker’s head. George and Zoe are meant to be together. Too bad she’s the only one who thinks so.

She sends out a text to both George and Zoe that says his father is having trouble with his heart — which is of concern considering he suffered a heart attack before. They leave their dates at a restaurant and go to the boat. While there, his mother pulls off the dock and floods the tank. They’re stranded. And his dad isn’t even on the boat. She makes them rehash their relationship, which really was just Zoe spouting off a small summary of last season’s love-triangle-ness.

Tansy goes crazy and decides to reclaim her man. She ropes Wade with her, and they storm the boat by rowing to it on a canoe. Both couples have the same fears. Tansy yells out about how George and Zoe will figure out there’s no future with people like them and they’ll leave. Then they all have a heart to heart, and George tells Tansy that at one point in time, he saw a future with Zoe, but now, he’s okay to let it go. He’s happier now than he’s ever been. Zoe walks in and says she feels exactly the same. This time, it feels like true closure for George and Zoe — both have clearly moved on for good.

By the end, Wade scrubs the counters at the Rammer Jammer and asks someone how much bartenders are paid in New York. He’d consider going to New York for Zoe?! Who would have thought? If the whole series ended with the two of them in the big apple, would you be happy? Hopefully we have many more episodes before we talk about the end, but all this talk about the future makes  me wonder…

A flu outbreak hits Bluebell next week. I almost forgot that Zoe was a doctor! And her dresses were particular stylish this episode. I’d steal her wardrobe.

Becca Ritchie


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