Kelly Hu belongs to “Arrow’s” growing list of recurring villains. She plays China White, the top mercenary of the Chinese Triad and a constant rival of Oliver Queen.

Hu talks with Fanhattan about the stunts on set. They ask if she’s able to do any of her own fight choreography on “Arrow.” She says, “No. There’s a guy—he’s called Bam Bam.  His name is actually James Bamford. He is an amazing choreographer. I mean, I feel like he’s one of the stars of the show, even though nobody actually gets to see him. But the stunts and the choreography, I think, is really one of the characters on the show, because people love tuning into all of that.”

If you’re curious how Stephen Amell, the lead vigilante, performs on set, Hu adds, “And Stephen—he doesn’t have a martial arts background or anything—but you would never guess, because he’s so great at the fighting, and the bow and arrow, and all of that stuff.  I mean, this guy has just really taken to all of that so well. I’m impressed.”

James Bamford tweeted a little tease for “Arrow” fans. Watch “Arrow” Wednesdays at 8 pm on CW69.

Becca Ritchie


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