‘TVD’ Recap: Welcome Back Rebekah

Discussing Season 4, Episode 10

[Spoilers from episode 10 below]

In the mid-season finale, Klaus took a sword to twelve hybrids and drowned Mrs. Lockwood in a fountain — leaving the holidays on a pretty bloody note. I predicted a slow start after that morose (but memorable) ending — maybe let the kids of Mystic Falls have a breather. But there’s no rest for the vampires and hybrids or witch, humans, and hunter-in-training. The episode kick-started with the awakening of a spurned blonde Original vamp, in search of major payback for all those who wronged her. Let’s discuss the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Klaus speeds up Jeremy’s training session. Back tracking a little, Damon, Matt and Jeremy hide out at the cabin where Damon tries to help Jeremy grow into a strong hunter without switching off his humanity — or rather turning on his “kill all vampires!” button. Damon’s process is slow. He wants Jeremy to be able to protect himself, I believe, but at the same time kill vampires because he wants his tattoo to grow and the map to form, which will guide them to the cure.

Klaus enters, wondering why Jeremy hasn’t killed a single vampire since he’s been gone slaying all those that have betrayed him — excluding Stefan, to his irritation. Klaus’ solution? To turn the cute pizza delivery girl into a vampire and unleash her into the cabin. Thus Jeremy kills her after she tries biting into Matt’s neck.

And the episode ends with a big fat tease. Damon takes Jeremy to a bar where everyone lies dead and strewn over the counter and chairs. Klaus remains the only “living” thing in the bar, sipping whiskey with a smug grin. Then, to Jeremy’s horror, he realizes what’s happened. They’re all dead, he asks Klaus. They’re in transition, Klaus replies, you have to kill them. And as a hand twitches and head starts to rise, we fade to black. Ah! Not fair. Not fair at all.

The Great: Stefan and Elena break up — again and for good (I think). I’m not necessarily labeling the end-all to their relationship as a good thing because I’m Team Damon. It’s because their love drama has led to more interesting revelations and team ups. Like Stefan and Rebekah suddenly working together. Who would have guessed?

Starting from the beginning, Rebekah managed to track Elena down to their high school and compel her to hang out at a classroom table while Stefan and Caroline come to her rescue and fall into her trap. Of course they do, and now they’re all sitting around the table like Rebekah’s play things. Among which is her new bestie, April, who runs her errands and does her bidding. We don’t hear her thank April for un-staking her, which set her free from life in a stuffy coffin, but Rebekah — the firecracker that she is — doesn’t seem like one to thank so easily.

Rebekah compels Elena to tell Stefan how she really feels about Damon. To which she says that she loves him, and she had sex with him, not because she’s sired to Damon, but because she’s really, really in love with him. Oh, and she also feels like Stefan looks at her like a broken toy that needs to be fixed. This chaps Stefan, and his hunger to find the cure to break her sire bond only grows stronger. He has to know if her love for Damon is true or not. 

But Rebekah’s not done torturing them — which I find fitting because not a single one of them ever tried to extend kindness towards her. Since Rebekah was related to Klaus, they projected all of their hate on to her. Unfairly so. She doesn’t even agree — or like — her brother’s motives anymore. I am Pro-The Originals. But I am also Pro-Everyone Else. So I do try to find the good in both sides and kind of wish they’d work together against Professor Shane, who seems to be the secret diabolical player here.

Rebekah compels Tyler to shift into a werewolf and leaves Caroline, Stefan and Elena to fend for themselves. They run out, and werewolf Tyler chases them, banging on the door. Stefan and Elena reluctantly work together and lock him out of a room, and for some reason, he just stops. And Caroline (wherever she ran off to) was safe and comforted him as he turned back to his human self.

The end of Stefan-Elena-Damon saga ended with Elena calling Damon, professing her love. Again. He tells her that he’ll find the cure for her, and then he asks her to drive to him. Which she says she will. Of course. Stefan then teams up with Rebekah — both wanting to find the cure for very different reasons. Stefan wants to save Elena. Rebekah wants to shove it down Klaus’ throat and see his expression when he realizes he’s mortal — best line of the night.

The Brilliant: Kol and Rebekah seek answers, but they’re no match for a witch and Professor Shane. Rebekah calls on her dear brother to go after Professor Shane, who knows a lot more than he’s letting on. Kol swiftly brings him back to the school (that’s oddly deserted. Seriously, where are all these teachers or at least school video cameras?). At first, Rebekah tries compulsion, but Shane knows some weird voodoo magic he learned from Tibet that blocks any form of vampire compelling. So she switches to another tactic. Torture. Kol drowns him in a tub of water, asking him for answers to all the riddles.

Shane confesses that he indirectly killed the twelve council members, all for the greater good that would bring immortal Silas back who’s stuck with the cure for vampirism. Kol looks aghast at the idea of finding the cure, purely because he knows this Silas dude will probably permanently kill him. Rebekah laughs and says Silas is nothing more than a fairytale.

All the while, Bonnie runs into April, who tells her that Rebekah has Professor Shane. Bonnie starts putting the pieces together and realizes that they’re most likely torturing him for info. So she starts using her new magic, Expression, that has no bind to the spirits. Meaning, it has no limits, and thus, she ends up tying April to Shane when she puts a protection spell on him. As Kol rams a spear into Shane’s gut, April starts bleeding out. Bonnie’s magic saves Shane, but it takes Stefan’s blood to awake April.

Bonnie is a little cautious of Expression, now that she understands the extent of its power. Shane calms her fears, and they inch closer, looking on the verge of a kiss. And then we cut away. Maybe next time. So with Professor Shane still set in his crazy obsession to find Silas, what could happen next?

What did you think about the mid-season premiere? Are you hoping Rebekah will stick around? What about Kol? Not gonna lie, Kol makes me miss the rest of The Original gang: Elijah. Elijah. Elijah. Did you? And what will come of April telling the cops that Shane controlled her father to kill all of the council members. Will they believe her? Jeremy’s story heats up in the next episode, and I suspect his tattoo will grow. I know every girl is waiting for it to reach his abs. Take off the shirt already. Until next time.

Becca Ritchie

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