Ice Skating At Park Tavern

You know one thing I’ve always wanted to do? Become a professional ice skater. My dreams were dashed when I found out I couldn’t even tip-toe on an ice skating rink, but it’s still fun to think about nonetheless.

If you have dreams of being a pro or you just want to spend some time on the ice, The Southwest Rink at Park Tavern is the place for you. Now through Valentine’s Day, the ice skating rink is open to the public! The rink is open Monday – Friday from 4:30pm to Midnight. It’s also open on weekends, starting a little earlier at 10:30am and is open until Midnight. And don’t forget the kids! They want to ice skate too! If they’re on a holiday break, the rink will open at 10:30am. There’s nothing like your child waking you up at 8:30am so you can go freeze your nostrils off, while watching them cling onto the rink wall for dear life. It’s the simple things in life.

If you’d like to learn more about the rink or how you can purchase tickets to start your professional ice skating career, check out:!

So get those mittens and hoodies on and head on over to Piedmont Park! I’ll just sit back here and watch…while sipping on hot chocolate.

–Wendell Scott

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