‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Pioneer Day

Discussing Season 2, Episode 11

[Spoilers from episode 11 below]

Welcome back, “Hart of Dixie” fans! When the town scrambles for food, dress and decorations for a BIG event, you know we’re in store for a fun-filled, quirky hour. The mayor rushes to make Pioneer Day perfect for a reporter from Southern Living magazine, who’s set to write a piece on Bluebell. With Zoe and Wade playing Bluebell’s Founding Couple, what could go wrong? Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from last night:

The Good: Dr. Brick Breeland ropes George into his relationship with Shelby. In the mid-season finale, George discovered Dr. Breeland hooking up with a girl he once dated. Yikes! That obviously left a scar since he dodges the doctor whenever he can, but Brick finally catches him and asks for relationship advice and how to break it off with his gal pal. George reluctantly agrees, and feeds Brick lines to break up with her. His “compliment sandwich” — about how she deserves better than him — sounds too familiar to Shelby. She screams for George, realizing he’s hiding somewhere. She swiftly slaps him across the face and runs off.

Later, Dr. Breeland talks to George about how Shelby made him feel alive. George says he shouldn’t play by the book and to give her another shot. Brick agrees, and so we’ll be seeing more of the unlikely pair in the future.

The Great: The catering feud. With Pioneer Day in swing, it’s a perfect opportunity for AnnaBeth and Lemon to showcase food from their new catering company. However, Lavon refuses to hire them for the job since he’s pissed that Lemon was one of the causes for his breakup with Ruby. (Side Note: Normally, I wouldn’t take Lemon’s side, but it’s a little unfair for Lavon to blame Lemon for the downfall of his relationship. There was more working against him than just her).

AnnaBeth and Lemon scheme and pretend to part ways in their catering company so Lavon will hire AnnaBeth. It works, though Lavon knows it’s all a trick. Just to put Lemon in her place, he makes her the Grog Wench — which is utterly amusing as it is mean. I even felt a little bad as Southern Living interviewed AnnaBeth about the menu and wrote off Lemon when she tried to interject. Clearly, Lemon cooked some of the dishes, but the reporter believed she was trying to steal the limelight now that the event was a success. In the end, both girls reunited and were hired by a local who knew the taste of Lemon’s signature dishes.

The Brilliant: Zoe turns into Lemon Breeland! Well, she nearly does. Now that Zoe and Wade are an official couple, Zoe’s a little afraid to exit the honeymoon stage. She fears they’ll turn into her parents and solve arguments by screaming. Her solution is to follow an old diary of the woman she’s playing as part of the Founding Couple. When Wade loses Zoe’s car, leaves spoiled fish in the trunk and ditches orange picking to go hang out with his friend, her solution is to start “projects” — like quilting, arranging flowers and dipping candles. Lemon Tasks.

Wade’s freaked out by her behavior, and to remedy the situation, he provokes her more, waiting for her to “explode” (as George so very eloquently put it). He doesn’t shower and let’s a raccoon nibble on her expensive high heels. I wouldn’t have blown a fuse by seeing a raccoon. I probably would have run away screaming. Those creatures are scary. Zoe loses it when she learns that he went to a strip club. Coincidentally, that’s also the time when she’s giving her Founders Couple speech.

Of course Wade and Zoe have a heart to heart — although, I’m waiting with too much anxiety for them to break up. I do not want it to happen, but good things have lasted way to long for Wade and Zoe. Sooner or later, the tides will turn! Luckily, last night wasn’t the end of their flourishing relationship. Zoe finds out that the last page in the journal reveals that the Founding Couple didn’t have a happy ending since the lady never expressed her feelings to her man. And we wrap up the episode with Zoe and Wade having a shaving cream fight. Cute and light and fun — exactly how I like my Tuesday nights.

What’d you think about the episode? Do you agree with Lavon? Or do you think he’s being a little too hard on Lemon? She looked absolutely pitiful as the Grog Wench. And how funny was George this episode? He had some superb lines. Are you hoping for Zoe and Wade to make it past the honeymoon stage? Do you think it will last?

Becca Ritchie


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