‘Hart of Dixie’: Best of Season 2, So Far

In Spirit of the Mid-Season Premiere
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If It Makes You Happy - Houseboat

Hart of Dixie — “If It Makes You Happy” — Pictured: Pictured (L-R): Jaime King as Lemon and Kaitlyn Black as Annabeth — Photo: Danny Feld/The CW — ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

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Becca Ritchie
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Tuesdays are about to become a whole lot brighter again with the mid-season premiere of “Hart of Dixie.” Your Bluebell blues will be over shortly, but until then, let’s delve right into the best of the best from season 2, so far. And a little of what you should look forward to with the start of the new year.

5. Halloween brought us a sleepwalking George Tucker (Scott Porter), which turned his snooze-worthy character into a favorite — full of hilarious quips and tons of humor. Where was this funny George Tucker last season? Doesn’t matter. At least we’ve discovered him. And he’s here to stay.

4. Lemon (Jaime King) has become an independent woman, and her attempts to move on from George have proved very amusing — like her short-lived stint as a waitress at the Rammer Jammer or buying a houseboat to escape the watchful eye of her father.

3. Lavon’s (Cress Williams) position as Mayor was in serious jeopardy around the same time as our Presidential election.  Albeit, Bluebell has a much different way of picking the winner by involving a pair of chickens. Luckily, Lavon succeeded in a reelection, but not before kissing his opponent.

2. Wade’s (Wilson Bethel) not just eye candy. In the Christmas episode, he opens up about his mother dying and his father who’s the town drunk. Not only is he handsome, but he can break hearts too.

1. Without a doubt, the ongoing Zoe (Rachel Bilson) and Wade relationship saga has been a highlight of season 2. The unpredictable nature of it and their sexy onscreen chemistry has made each episode better than the next. Are they friends with benefits? Just friends? Almost girlfriend and boyfriend? Well thankfully that was answered with the mid-season finale.

So what do we have to look forward to with the start of all new episodes? A solidified relationship status between Zoe and Wade. How will Zoe handle being Wade Kinsella’s actual girlfriend? How long will it last? Watch “Hart of Dixie” on Tuesday at 8pm to find out!

Becca Ritchie

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