Let the countdown begin!

The premiere of “The Carrie Diaries” is just a few more days away (4 days to be exact) and what better way to ring in 2013 than with a brand new hit show? Word on TCD is everywhere, spanning from coast to coast — including an awesome article we found about TCD that was recently published in the Los Angeles Times, and I had to share it with you all.

The article starts by focusing on the link between TCD and “Sex and the City;” it dives into how TCD will provide fans with something that Carrie Bradshaw lacked for six seasons: a back story.

From LA Times:

“Premiering Jan. 14, the new CW series is an attempt to tell the origin story of one of the most recognizable female television characters of all time — to do for Carrie Bradshaw what “Smallville” did for Clark Kent. Set in 1984, it stars AnnaSophia Robb as 16-year-old Carrie, a Connecticut high school student reeling from the recent death of her mother, falling hard for a dangerous new transfer student named Sebastian, and discovering the excitement of New York City for the first time.”

The article then goes into discussing CW’s AnnaSophia Robb and the irreplaceable Sarah Jessica Parker. From LA Times:

‘”Nobody is going to replace Sarah Jessica Parker. That should not be our job here because we’ll fail and it will be a total disaster,” says Harris. More than 500 young women auditioned to play the young Carrie, some of them dead ringers for Parker. But it was Robb — who most recently starred in the inspirational drama “Soul Surfer”— who best captured Carrie’s combination of intelligence, warmth and vulnerability, according to Harris.”‘

In close, the article touches on the challenge TCD faces: how to attract fans of the original series — “women now well into their 30s and beyond — while also appealing to a new generation of younger viewers more familiar with Katniss Everdeen than Carrie Bradshaw.”

From LA Times:

‘”My hope is that the “Sex and the City” audience will come to enjoy a story about a character that they love and the younger audience will feel, ‘Those are the things I’m thinking and now someone’s actually saying them out loud,'” Harris says. Robb, who was just 11 when “Sex and the City” went off the air in 2004, came to the part with fresh eyes and watches a few episodes of the show a night as “a wonderful kind of homework.” While she’s striving to create her own version of Carrie, it’s helpful for Robb to know the kind of woman her character will become.”‘

Check out the full LA Times article here, and make sure you mark your calendars and set your DVRs for Jan. 14th at 8/7c!


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