By Chelsea Harris

Fa la  la la  la, la la la la, which CW stars were caught Christmas tree shopping? That would be my favorite real-life CW couple, Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder. These two braved the public eye (in American Eagle outfits) and jumped into the Christmas spirit together while hunting down the perfect tree!

“US Weekly” reported that they hunted for the perfect holiday jewel right here in Atlanta. From the looks of this picture, it looks like Dobrev has the eye for the perfect tree!

The two love birds have started off the holiday together so maybe their Christmas plans include each other? In October, Dobrev told “Self”that her Christmas plans include her family, “Remembering my roots matters to me. We were on a tight budget growing up, and my parents gave so much to get me where I am,” Dobrev stated. “Now, at Christmas, I rent a house in the Rockies and take my family snowboarding.”

Hmm… will Mr.Somerhalder join Dobrev’s fam for some snowboarding? I hope so! Perhaps, I might already be anticipating some holiday pictures will leak…


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