“Arrow” introduced a new female character last week with a knack for guns and a backstory worthy of a vigilante. No wonder she is one. Jessica De Gouw plays The Huntress who took “Arrow” by motorcycle (that Oliver Queen can apparently out-run!). This damaged beauty stole the heart of the inscrutable Arrow in only one episode, and the pair has quickly become the sexiest vigilante couple around. Here are three reasons to love the Huntress.

1. Her tragic past. As a mob boss, The Huntress’ father dabbles in serious crime, and she spent years gathering information and helping the FBI track his indiscretions. She doesn’t just hate him. She loathes him. Especially since he ordered the death of her fiancé, who he thought had been the rat tailing him all along. Helena, The Huntress, wants vengeance  not justice, and that’s a line Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) doesn’t want to cross. I particularly think the story suits a tragic heroine quite well. She’s pissed and upset and pretty bad ass all at the same time, making her awesome in my book.

2. She’s strong enough to kill her foes. Who needs a man to do the job? Not The Huntress. She’s shot multiple men all for the sake of revenge, and her getaway vehicle — a motorcycle. She’s fierce (kinda scary) and super cool, a perfect recipe for a female vigilante.

3. Her chemistry with Oliver Queen. They connected over the fact that neither can be honest with their loved ones. They both feel as if no one can understand them, and so they carry around lies like twenty-pound backpacks. Thankfully, they can drop the weight in each other’s presence. Oliver knows Helena is The Huntress, and The Huntress has found out Oliver’s secret as being the mysterious Hood. Of course, last week they shared a kiss, and their attraction only looks like it’s getting stronger. Now, I do like Laurel Lance (Katie Cassidy) but I find The Huntress more interesting as a pair with Oliver Queen, and I do believe they have a leg up on Laurel in the chemistry department.

Are you loving The Huntress? Catch an all new “Arrow” at 8 pm on Wednesday.

Becca Ritchie


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