‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Eagle Rangers

Discussing Season 2, Episode 8

[Spoilers from episode 8 below]

Welcome back “Hart of Dixie” fans. The appropriately titled episode — “Achy Breaky Hearts” — really crushed mine after a nice turkey weekend (Thanksgiving in my household lasts at least 5 to 10 days. Italians tend to overcook). There were plenty of tears in Bluebell and some misty eyes from Mr. Kinsella. Let’s discuss. Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments:

The Good: Dr. Breeland wants his girlfriend, Emily, to move in. At first, Magnolia is not having it. She scoffs at the idea of her household going from a duo to a trio. When Dr. Breeland invites Emily over for dinner and a game of Life (seriously), Magnolia makes a snide comment about her fictional board game house only being big enough for two. Emily tries to win over Magnolia by talking to her about boys, and guess what, it works! I was even surprised someone could break into Magnolia’s hard exterior, but apparently the way to her heart is by offering a bit of motherly advice.

When Dr. Breeland suggests to Emily they take the next step in their relationship, she recoils with a pained smile. And apparently he came on so strong that she not only rejected the offer, but she dumped him. The tearful Dr. Breeland tells Magnolia that they probably won’t see much of Emily anymore. I think Dr. Breeland deserves someone more…scandalous. A gossip queen perhaps? An elite business class woman? I’m no matchmaker, but I suspect there are plenty fish in the sea for a single doctor.

The Great: Ruby and Lavon’s tangled relationship. It all starts with Lemon spying on Ruby as she talks to a certain male someone. Lemon plots a way to find out who her male buddy is — partly in hopes that Ruby’s cheating on Lavon so she can have a shot at the handsome Mayor. Zoe learns that the man happens to be scouting for a fashion CEO in Dallas, and she fears that Ruby plans to break Lavon’s heart and leave him for the Texas city.

Well, she’s not all wrong. Ruby learned of the job, but she says that she had no intention of taking it. After finding out that Lavon doubted her, she decides to go through with the interview. She lands the job, and it takes Lavon dressing up as a chauffeur and spouting out lines about epic romances and Romeo and Juliet for her to turn around and return to Bluebell. However, she accepts the job, but she’ll have a few months to hang out with Lavon until then. Her arrangement doesn’t seem like a win for anyone involved, especially when Lavon’s looking for a long-term relationship and an “epic romance.” She’s one foot out the door, and I’m sure Lemon’s ready to shove her right on out.

The Brilliant: The Eagle Rangers. And Wade. But mostly the Eagle Rangers. Any throwback to Boy Scouts and films like “Heavy Weights” with chubby campers, I’m game. Originally, Wade doesn’t even want to attend the camping trip, but he tries to dodge George since he keeps asking to “talk,” which Wade thinks pertains to his secret relationship with Zoe. So he opts to help chaperon the Rangers trip, something that’s clearly out of his element since he was a Ranger quitter as a kid.

Not surprisingly  George shows up to chaperon as well. And he finally pulls Wade aside and asks him for permission to date Tanzy, Wade’s ex-wife. Wade says no because he doesn’t want George to use Tanzy as a rest stop before he tries to win Zoe back. George admits that he doesn’t need Wade’s approval, and he leaves Tanzy a message anyway. (Side Note: I am all for a Tanzy-George pairing. Naturally, I am rooting for anything that will split George and Zoe up, but I actually think Tanzy and George work well together).

Back to the Eagle Rangers. Wade’s assigned Conner, a chubby Ranger with an animal cracker addiction. Wade loses sight of Conner, and the kid sneaks up a tree. How he climbed it, I have no idea. Wade has a heart to heart with the kid, and Conner says that he’s hiding so he doesn’t have to run in the obstacle course in the morning because he’s not in shape and obviously lacks athletic talent. Wade doesn’t disagree, but like a good counselor, he tells Conner that he can’t spend his life thinking he isn’t as good as the other kids because then twenty years will pass and he’ll still feel second-rate. Wade, of course, is talking about himself. Instead of running the obstacle, Conner becomes the MC, finding his place within the group.

For Wade, it takes a camping trip with young Eagle Rangers, a portly kid who likes to snack on frosted animal crackers, and George Tucker to learn that he lacks self-confidence in his relationship with Zoe. Wade confronts Zoe about their relationship, hoping she’ll claim that he’s not a pit stop, consolation prize or second fiddle to George Tucker. He tells her that George knows about their relationship and he’s okay with it. Her reaction says it all. She’s hurt that George isn’t jealous. Wade shuts down. He gets all misty-eyed and shakes his head, not really needing to ask the second question because she inadvertently answered it. Is Wade simply a fling before she goes back to George? Yes. Maybe. Most likely. We can’t know for sure, but Wade definitely thinks so.

So TV watchers, the episode ends with Wade turning Zoe down for some sexy times. What does this mean for their relationship? Is more trouble coming or will Zoe patch things up? Also, have you noticed that Ruby speaks in whispers? Really, she does. Her voice is so breathless that I have trouble concentrating. It’s utterly fascinating.

Becca Ritchie


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