So Black Friday. Let’s talk about it.

Thousands of people, looking for a bundle of deals. Now you know waking up at 4am to go wait in a line isn’t my thing, so I found an alternative! Tea!

Yes, that’s right. Black Friday Afternoon Tea at the St. Regis Atlanta is where I will be while you wait for the latest version of Tickle Me Elmo. Now this event is on November 23rd from 2pm-5pm, so you should probably go ahead and get your tickets now.

It’s not just an afternoon of tea, there are also a couple of perks to get you going as well. How about a $50 Neiman Marcus gift card with a glass of sparkling wine and fashion-inspired sweets. Hmm…fashion-inspired? Are they like pieces of dark chocolate dressed in mini cardigans?

Tickets are $90 and include complimentary valet parking. Reservations are encouraged. Gift cards and valet parking? What more could a boy ask for? I guess a football, but I’m more into shopping bags than pigskin.

To find out all of the information or to purchase tickets, callĀ 404.563.7910.

I’ll be sure to wave to you with my wine in hand as you trample the masses!

–Wendell Scott


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