‘Hart of Dixie’: 8 Quotable Moments

From Season 2, Episode 6

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 6. Proceed with caution.]

The election episode was void of swords or verbal disputes — way more lovey-dovey than I would have thought. But there were chickens involved and quips involving rednecks. So all in all, it was a pretty good episode. Here are eight quotable moments from last night.

  • “I have to figure out a way to give Brick an exam. I wish I knew a racetrack doctor. They’re used to dealing with horses’ asses.” — Zoe
  • “The next and only time you will examine me is at my autopsy.” — Dr. Breeland to Zoe
  • “Lemon, no, I’m not traipsing through the deep woods knockin’ on trailer doors. I have seen that movie, and it is not comic-rom.” — Annabeth
  • “Wade, oh, you are so perfect to go searching through the woods for a redneck trailer. You’ll fit right in.” — Lemon to Wade
  • Wade: “Well, this trailer belongs to Tansy. You remember Tansy, right?”
    George: “Yes, I do, and if you brought me out here to mediate some dispute between you and your ex-wife, well, last time I did that I got shot in the leg with an arrow, so…”
    Wade: “Well, you kind of shot yourself in the leg with an arrow.”
    George: “The safety was off!”
  • “Why don’t you name the whole damn town after her if that’s what you want? You can put out a little sign right on the edge of town that says, Now Entering Ruby Jeffriesville, Population: You.” — Lemon to Lavon
  • “I didn’t call George Tucker, the lawyer. I called George Tucker, the guy with the trailer hitch.” — Wade
  • AnnaBeth: “In Auburn, Alabama it is officially against the law to deflower a town virgin.”
    Lemon: “So what? In Auburn you’re unlikely to encounter one.”

Becca Ritchie


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