‘TVD’ Recap: Team Human

Discussing Season 4, Episode 5

[Spoilers from episode 5 ahead]

Wow. I did not expect that. Just when you think you have “TVD” figured out, the creators pull the ancient vampire-owned rug underneath your feet. Last week’s episode set up for a predictable season. All Stefan and Klaus needed to do was keep the vampire hunter, Connor, alive  so they could read his tattoo map that would lead them to the cure for vampirism. Well, things didn’t go as planned. Let’s discuss the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Move over, Caroline, a feisty werewolf’s in town, and she calls your BF “Ty” — just shy of Ty Bear or Ty-Ty. Caroline finally learns about Hayley’s presence. She runs into her and immediately goes on the offensive, but Hayley’s not having it. Apparently she doesn’t do teen drama (someone better tell her she’s on “The Vampire Diaries” quick!). Their death glares are cut short when Tyler’s conversation with a hybrid takes precedence.  The hybrid has been ordered by Klaus to go to Mystic Grill where Connor holds three humans hostage. Tyler’s trying to tell the hybrid that Klaus is sending him to his death, and he can fight the sire bond and just say no.

Hmm, Caroline thinks otherwise. When Tyler attempts to call Klaus and get the hybrid out of this mess, she tells Tyler to stop, but he phones the original vamp anyway. Klaus is off in some remote part of the world digging up graves in search for the sword that will read the tattoo map. When he answers, he lets it spill that Hayley spent a long time with Tyler in the Appalachians, and Tyler had kept it secret from Caroline.

Of course, Caroline is pissed, but Tyler later confronts her and says that nothing romantic happened between Hayley and him. He wants Klaus to believe that’s the case so he won’t catch wind that Tyler and Hayley are trying to help the other hybrids break their sire bonds. Do we believe him? As a Klaroline fan, I want to say no, but Tyler seems pretty sincere. With “TVD,” however, anything is possible. That, of course, brings us to the brilliant moment of the night, but first…

The Great: Elena kills Connor. Yep. He’s dead. Just when I was commenting how Connor’s a true evil threat — something that we haven’t seen since Bad Alaric. And those werewolves, psh, those weren’t scary. Connor, however, was a menace and a real force against vampires, but as Elena enters Mystic Grill — unaware that Stefan and Damon know that Connor’s a key to finding a cure — she fully intends to kill Connor to save her brother. While in an underground tunnel that connects Mystic Grill to the woods, she snaps Connor’s neck.

Ooh, he’s dead. And Elena feels pretty bad about it. She cries with a bloody mouth and guiltily digs a grave for the vampire hunter, exclaiming to Stefan and Damon, “I killed someone!” Yes, you did, Elena. Now wipe your tears and move on. You’re a vampire for goodness sake! I didn’t predict Connor’s exit so early. But more than that, I didn’t predict Jeremy’s story to take such an amazing turn.

The Brilliant: Easily one of the most intriguing starts to a new story line, Jeremy spent the majority of the episode trying to convince Connor to let him, Matt and April go free after the vampire hunter uses them as bait in the Mystic Grill. Before Connor meets his doom that is Elena Gilbert, he hopes that his hostages’ vamp friends will arrive to save them so he can promptly kill the blood-suckers. He sets up booby traps in preparation. If I read the fandom correctly, I’d say that Jeremy’s been a hot and cold favorite depending on his plot. But after tonight, things got a little more interesting for the youngest Gilbert.

While being kept hostage, Jeremy stands on a booby trap that’s going to explode vervain-filled jars. The weapon is meant for Stefan who hides behind a shelf. Scaredy cat. Really, Stefan’s trying to protect too many people at one time. He wants Connor alive because he needs the tattoo map, and he wants to save Jeremy but can’t come between the hunter and the vervain bomb. No worry. Elena comes in, vampire teeth glistening, and throws Connor off his murderous game. Stefan tackles Jeremy to the ground, but not before Connor shoots Jeremy in the stomach.

Jeremy drinks a bit of Elena’s blood to heal himself, but Connor’s already implanted something in his head. Someone, Jeremy knows, compelled him to forget his conversation with Connor that happened last episode, and he’s not too happy about it. Jeremy’s on Team Human, and at the end, he slyly wraps a vervain bracelet on April’s wrist, telling her that it must be hers. She says it isn’t, but leave it to cutie Matt to say, “It looks good on you. You should keep it.” She blushes and will probably never take off the thing.

Jeremy’s humanity and irritation at being compelled wasn’t the clincher of the night. No, it was the fact that a tattoo started to appear on his hand — a tattoo just like the one Conner had along his arm. Connor said that the more vampires you kill, the more they appear, but who exactly did Jeremy kill? Because I didn’t see anyone. Was it because he did a kindness to April and maybe helped prevent her from being compelled fully by a vampire? Whatever the case, Jeremy better watch his back because if Klaus or Stefan — or even Damon at this point — finds out about his tattoos, they’ll want to use him as the map to the cure.

On another note, Bonnie starts to overcome her guilt about sending her Grams into a weird double death. Who helps her? Oh, you know, just the mysterious professor who happens to be obsessed with witches and vampire hunters. He’s kinda creepy, and he uses hypnotism to help Bonnie accept her powers and light a multitude of waxy candles.

Next week’s episode teases another little setback for Elena. Apparently killing one of the Brotherhood of the Five has hallucinatory repercussions. She imagines her bathroom all bloody with the words “Killer” smeared across her mirror. Thursday couldn’t come sooner.

Becca Ritchie

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