‘Supernatural’: 9 Quotable Moments

From Season 8, Episode 6
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Supernatural — “Southern Comfort” — Pictured: Nathan Dashwood as the Confederate Soldier — Credit: Diyah Pera/The CW — © 2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved

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Becca Ritchie
Becca Ritchie Becca Ritchie claims she's from Mystic Falls, but really, she lives in Atlanta where humidity is her greatest foe. She loves comic books, blue nail polish and Jonathan Taylor Thomas circa 1995. She frequents Twitter to dish about CW shows, and when she's not blogging, she reads too many YA and NA books. She's an Amazon Bestselling Author of the Addicted series, a New Adult Romance. Follow her on Twitter @Becca_Ritchie.

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 6 below. Proceed with caution.]

With Garth making an appearance, there was a lot to laugh about last night. But in the same instance, Sam and Dean had a true heart to heart about their one year separation that ended with little resolution. Next week, Castiel’s back. Yep, I said it. Until then, here are nine quotable moments from last night.

  • Sam: “Okay, no, you’re right. People can change.”
    Dean: “Yeah, I’ve got a vampire buddy and you turned your phone off for a year.”
  • “Kevin’s in the wind, you’re sulking like a eunuch in a whore house, and I can’t help but ask myself when is decapitation not my thing?” — Dean to Sam
  • “Texas Ranger. Garth, seriously? We’re in Missouri.” — Dean
  • Sam: “Hold up, are you the new Bobby?”
    Dean: “You shut your mouth.”
    Garth: “Yes.”
    Dean: “You shut your mouth … What?”
  • “What’s up with all the hillbilly hankies? These people know the Civil War is over right?” — Dean
  • Dean: “You were a Dentist?”
    Garth: “Yeah for like a hot minute.”
  • “So first the mom goes ‘Natural Born Killer’ and now the son? What do we got … a ghost with an Oedipus complex?” — Dean to Sam
  • “Bobby belonged to all of us, Dean. Not just you and Sam. I’m just taking what he showed me and trying to do something with it. That’s all.” — Garth
  • “Wendigo? You got a flare gun? How about a flame thrower?….Well you better get some sneakers, buddy, because you’re going to have to run.” — Garth on the phone

Becca Ritchie

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