‘TVD’ Recap: Brotherly Love

Discussing Season 4, Episode 4

[Spoilers for episode 4 from here on out]

We received some answers in last night’s flashback-tastic episode featuring the original vamps with long, Fabio hair. Elijah makes a surprise appearance while siblings Rebekah and Klaus bicker over an awkward family dinner. Let’s discuss.

Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Elena struggles with her “ripper” side and pushes Damon away. My viewing party would disagree with this being a “Good” quality (they are severely pro-Delena), but half the episode focused on Elena and Damon taste-testing college kids at a frat party, so we must discuss. Bonnie brings Elena and Damon along to a college lecture where her Grams once taught about witch lore. Now a hot professor has taken her place — with a secret of his own.

While she’s off learning about her Grams from Hot Professor, Elena picks out her new meal: bad guys who rufi girls’ beverages. She previously chickened out in drinking from a girl because her victim flashed a picture of her younger sister. Is Elena turning into the Dexter of vampires, only drinking from people who deserve the pain? (Side Note: How weird was it that Elena was about to drink from that girl in broad daylight in the middle of a bustling campus? Where’s vampire discretion anymore?).

After drinking their fill, Elena and Damon partake in a bloody-mouth dancing ritual (or at least that’s what it looked like). When Bonnie stops by, she snaps Elena out of her intoxicated stupor, and the baby vamp races outside, proclaiming she doesn’t want to be like this. To which Damon says something like, “you mean like me?” She doesn’t deny. Damon says the only way she can control becoming a ripper like Stefan is to delight in the hunt and not bask in grief and remorse. The episode ends with Elena flinging her arms around Stefan and muttering that she can’t be like this. I find it a tad bit irritating that Elena can’t just embrace who she is now. Caroline did, and we all know she became a stronger, better woman for it.

The Great: The origin story of the Brotherhood of the Five reveals a new plot twist — a cure for vampirism. I am not saying I’m in love with the idea of a cure. Sure, it gives Klaus a reason to stay in Mystic Falls. If he has the cure, then he can turn Elena back into a human to create more hybrids. And it gives Stefan hope that Elena will be human once more so he can spend more time with her (remember, she needs to drink blood from the vein, and Stefan’s worried he’ll become a ripper if he helps her). But I dislike the idea that everything we’ve worked up to in season 3 might just come crashing down. What do you think?

On to the Five, they are a sworn brotherhood of vampire hunters who are entrusted with a tattoo map that will lead to the vampire cure. Rebekah was in love with one of the hunters back in the day, and he told her that only with his sword could someone read the map. He then plunged a stake into Rebekah’s chest, and according to Klaus, he also stabbed the rest of their family in their sleep. But Klaus is half-werewolf, so that little trick didn’t work on him, and he ended up slaughtering Rebekah’s beau.

There’s a little problem with Klaus and Stefan’s plan to find the cure. They need the map and the sword. The vampire hunter (who frees himself in the end using a hybrid’s ear piercing — creative) is in Klaus’ “Red Room of Pain,” chained on a vertical slab. Klaus orders Jeremy to draw the hunter’s invisible tattoos, which weren’t so invisible when the Brotherhood was first created. The vampire hunter says the tattoos grow with each vampire he kills, and that he was ordered to go to Mystic Falls by someone (who we find out is Hot Professor).

So they have a portion of the map. But what about the sword? That brings us to the Brilliant moment.

The Brilliant: Rebekah seeks a normal, friend-filled life but gets a stake to the heart instead. Backing up a little, it all starts with Klaus wishing to make amends with Rebekah over a family dinner with Stefan awkwardly in attendance. The best scene of the night, by far, was the banter about Rebekah and Klaus’ long history in betraying one another. Rebekah knows what Klaus is up to. He wants to reconcile so she’ll tell him the location of the sword. Only she knows the answer.

Later, Rebekah professes to Stefan how she buried the man she thought she would marry, and Stefan plays at Rebekah’s hopeless romantic side, her one fatal flaw. He tells her that he wishes to grow old with Elena. The cure would allow him to. Rebekah accidentally blurts out that she buried the sword with her lover, and Klaus appears like the dark vampire that he is. He chides Rebekah on her foolish love of men once more, and he reveals a stake that will put Rebekah in a coma. She screams at him to look her in the eyes and do it. He flinches for the briefest moment before plunging her into a gray, immobile state.

What did you think about the episode? Are you liking the new direction? Without Caroline present, Klaus truly seemed diabolically evil. I’m sad to see Rebekah go, and I hope someone will un-stake her soon because we another feisty blonde to rival Klaus. Plus, I adored that she stuck to her wits and never gave in to her brother’s demands. Are you cheering for Stefan and Klaus to find the cure together? Or are you hoping someone flushes it out before they can turn Elena back into a holier-than-thou human?

Becca Ritchie

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