‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Dreamscape

Discussing Season 2, Episode 5

[Spoilers from episode 5 from here on out]

“Hart of Dixie” sure knows how to play with my emotions. One minute, I’m yelling at the television (really, it was directed at Zoe, “Make up your mind, girl!”) and then the next, I was laughing at George Tucker’s sleepwalking escapades. Let’s start discussing.

Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Lavon pretends to date Annabeth in order to win votes for the election. First off, this storyline is a testament to how amazing the writers are on this show. They found a way to match up Annabeth and Lavon while infuriating Lemon. How exactly? Well, it all started with Tom Long accidentally registering a family full of Auburn fanatics to vote in the upcoming election. Lavon played football for Bama, a clear rival of die-hard Auburn fans, and there was no way they would vote for Lavon.

Have no fear, Annabeth suggests that Lavon pretend to date her since her grandfather is a prestigious alum from Auburn. Lavon will gain favor with the Auburn fanatics, and she just may win over his heart in the end like a cute, romantic comedy. Even though they go through with the plan and change the minds of the voters, Annabeth doesn’t realize that Lemon still has her claws sunk deep into Lavon. Lemon tells him how disappointed she is that he would lie just to gain a few votes.

Was anyone peeved by Lemon’s self-righteous attitude? I thought that it would be revealed that her intentions weren’t pure — that she in fact wanted Lavon to come clean about fake-dating Annabeth (which he does and proceeds to lose votes) so she could potentially be with him. Maybe this is the case. If it is, spiteful Lemon is back in business because Annabeth had actually told Lemon that she has feelings for Lavon. Which relationship do you want to happen? Lavon and Lemon or Lavon and Annabeth or none of the above?

The Great: Zoe and Wade struggle to stay monogamous. Argh — that’s not a pirate “argh,” that’s just my frustrated noise. Zoe, Zoe, Zoe. She says she knows what she wants, but does she? Her story centered on George’s poor sleeping habits. Someone’s been sleeping in Zoe’s bed, and she has no clue who it is. After she hooks up a camera and buys an aluminum bat, George sleepwalks right into Zoe’s house and in her bed! (The girl needs to buy some locks, stat). She sprays mace right in his eyes, but she smooths things over, proposing a sleep study with an EEG so he doesn’t sleepwalk off his house boat and drown.

Unfortunately for Wade, he planned on spending Halloween with Zoe at the Rammer Jammer. He dresses up like a handsome James Bond, but Zoe says she’s looking for a “Magic Mike” type of fireman. And she finds one at George’s place. Yep, he chose to be a fireman for Halloween. At the Rammer Jammer, Wade shoos off the advances of a naughty nurse and sexy genie that offers him three wishes, all for the sake of staying monogamous. And we all know that must be very hard for Blubell’s resident player.

Meanwhile, George disappeared. Zoe fell asleep during the sleep study (not good, doc), and chased him down at the Rammer Jammer. Wade started getting suspicious of whether Zoe actually was keeping honest with their rules to stay monogamous, so he storms over to George’s houseboat and catches a sleepwalking George about to kiss a fully coherent Zoe. Wade pushes him into the water, waking George from his stupor, and asks Zoe what’s her excuse for breaking their agreement. Tongue-tied as always, Zoe just stands there.

In the end, Zoe gives George a rather confusing speech. She says stuff like, you need to date other people because I am. But then she says, I’m not in a serious relationship, but I’m committed. She looks confused. George looks confused. I’m confused. The episode ends, however, with the cutest scene (I’m not biased at all…or am I?) with Zoe telling Wade that she told George that she’s invested in someone (did you get all that?). Wade then pretends to sleepwalk and wraps his arms around her waist, throwing her over his shoulder and over to the (gasp!) bed. What a surprise.

The Brilliant: George Tucker — a ladies man, a sleepwalker and a sexy fireman? Oh yeah, he was in a heap of trouble on Halloween at the Rammer Jammer. Two women were saving George Tucker a dance at the Halloween party. He subsequently had to apologize for leading them on — because let’s face it, the guy just doesn’t know how to break a girl’s heart (unless her name is Lemon Breeland). After George sleepwalked into the Rammer Jammer, he called Zoe his girlfriend, and all the little pieces started to add up — like how he’d left a toothbrush and sock in Zoe’s place, how he always seemed to sleepwalk there. He was still hung-up on the doctor, and in his dream-state, they were actually together.

When Zoe tells him that he needed to move on by finding a potential love interest (not dating 13 girls in 3 weeks — sheesh that’s a lot), George takes her advice. He seeks out a girl as far away from Lemon as possible. She works as a beer distributor and came in with a shipment of alcohol for the Rammer Jammer. Her stipulations for going out on a date with George: no dinner, just drinks, and if he shows up wearing a tie, she’s leaving. Hmm, how do you think this is going to work out?

Were you frustrated with Zoe? Do you wish she would make up her mind? Or are you still giddy with how the episode ended? Next week, it’s election time in Bluebell. Who do you think will be the next Mayor?

Becca Ritchie


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