‘TVD’ Recap: Cha Cha Changes

Discussing Season 4, Episode 3

[Spoilers for episode 3 from here on out]

“The Vampire Diaries” ended last night with a cliffhanger of doom. Could anyone wrap their minds around that cryptic message? Klaus has all the answers, and right before he explained them, we fade to black. Way to tease, “TVD.” Way. To. Tease.

Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Hayley, a werewolf, arrives to rock waves in Tyler and Caroline’s relationship. The super-hyper and super-cute brunette walks into Tyler’s house that’s heavily guarded by hybrids. Now that hybrids are a dying breed, Klaus chose to stay in Mystic Falls to protect every last one — even Tyler who was part of the conspiracy to kill him. Instead of being aghast by a stranger, Tyler embraces Hayley as a long lost friend. She rambles about how she helped him break his sire bond to Klaus by chaining Tyler up all across the mountains. Was that flirting? My flirting radar went off, and I suspect that things got a little hot and heavy between the two in the Appalachians.

When Caroline stopped by Tyler’s place, he tried to usher her out rather too quickly. Hmm. Why would Tyler try to hide Caroline from Hayley who was in another room? Klaus, listening with his super-hybrid hearing, thought Tyler had cheated on Caroline with this werewolf chick. Once Caroline left, he approached Tyler with this information, and Tyler looked a little queasy. Will Klaus use this bit of info to his advantage? Time will tell. But right now, all Mystic Fallian signs point to yes.

The Great: Elena is changing as a vampire, which means her relationship with other people are changing too. Elena hates? Wha…I didn’t think the holier-than-thou girl had a hate function in her body. She despises Rebekah so much that she convinced Damon to lend her the white oak stake to permanently kill Rebekah, one of the original vamps. After Elena tries to throw a pencil at Rebekah’s head (to which Rebekah launched it into Elena’s shoulder like a dagger), Stefan realizes Elena’s emotions are out of whack. He reminds her that if she kills Rebekah, guilt will consume her, and all of the people Rebekah turned into vamps will die (Side Note: Remember an entire lineage of vampires die once an original is permanently killed).

Elena and Rebekah’s feud doesn’t end there. Well, for Rebekah anyway. At Rebekah’s Anti-Curfew party, she snatches Elena’s daylight ring and tosses it into her garbage disposal. Elena sticks her hand down it while her faces burns from the light. Luckily, she retrieves it and leaves, doing a keg stand on her way out. The problem? That beer was laced with werewolf venom, courtesy of the new vampire hunter who stuck a needle in Tyler’s gums and syringed the yellow venom out.

Now Elena’s hallucinating, and she needs Klaus’ blood to counteract the poison. She imagines Damon in place of Stefan while they’re making out, and then again as she’s in bed coping with the venom. When she asks why she keeps seeing him, Damon says it’s because she knows that she’s more like him now that she’s a vampire. I couldn’t agree more. Stefan and human Elena had more passion and more spark. Even when vampire Elena took a motorcycle ride with Stefan, something felt off. Her chemistry with Damon has never been stronger, and maybe that’s because she’s no longer the sweet, nice girl. She possesses a hate function, and it actually gets pushed, quite often.

Before Elena experiences anymore hallucinations, Klaus comes and saves the day, offering his blood to her, but only because she’s worth more to him now. More on that in a bit.

Meanwhile, Stefan opens up to Caroline and says that Elena’s changing and growing into herself as most vampires do. He wants to enjoy that transformation with her, but he can’t because he’s afraid his Ripper side will come out. Would you want Stefan to make that leap for Elena? While Stefan’s all mopey, Damon stops Elena from draining Matt of his precious blood. She’s terrified, and he says, “You’re a vampire now. You just have to learn the right way to be one. And I’m going to teach you.” Delena shippers, rejoice.

The Brilliant: The vampire hunter has an important history. And he doesn’t even know it! Let’s backtrack a little. We find out why Jeremy of all people can see the strange tattoos on the vamp hunter’s arms. Only people who could become great vampire hunters can see them, and so the V.H. takes Jeremy under his wing. But he doesn’t realize that not only does Jeremy have a sister who’s a vampire, but his first two girlfriends were also of the vampiric species. No way would he kill them. (Side Note: I think it’s interesting how Jeremy turned to Damon with this precious information. It seems that Damon has become his surrogate father in place of the last surrogate one — Alaric). To form a trap, Jeremy tells the V.H. about Meredith, the doctor who has been using vampire blood to save human lives.

At the hospital, the V.H. unknowingly falls into the same trap that Damon was stuck in while sneaking into the V.H.’s RV. Two arrows pierce him while tethered to grenades. One subtle move and the string pulls the bomb and the only human in the room goes splat. Klaus has also tagged along, and when Damon mentions the vampire hunter’s disappearing tattoos, Klaus perks up. “There’s more to you than meets the eye, isn’t there?” Klaus says and then inspects one of the vamp hunter’s stakes with a strange carved symbol (possibly a tree with five branches? The white oak tree? What do you think?). “You’re one of the five,” Klaus muses. And BANG! The vamp hunter yanks the string to the grenade, and the hospital’s storage room explodes.

If you expected an answer from Klaus at the end, we all didn’t get it. Klaus saves the vampire hunter. “Congratulations,” he says, “you just became worth more to me alive than dead.” The vampire hunter replies: “What did you mean when you said I was one of the five?” Klaus: “You don’t know your own history? Well, let’s just say it’s made you the most well-protected vampire hunter in town.” ‘

Why in the world would Klaus want to protect a vamp hunter?? Klaus also said Elena means more to him now, so how exactly does she play into this? On the other side of things, how do you like the start of a friendship between orphan April and the lonely Rebekah? Do you think Klaus is the new Alaric for Damon? Instead of fighting baddies with Alaric, Damon might have found a replacement in the original vamp. Stay tuned next week because Damon and Elena are headed for a college tour, which also includes a scandalous (and bloody?) frat party.

Becca Ritchie

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