I love denim. It’s my go-to for anything and with anything.

Denim jeans, jackets, vests, skirts, shorts, shirts. You name it. They come in every wash you could possibly want or need; dark, faded, bleached, destroyed. There’s a denim style for just about every occasion. Casual, edgy, classic. So I’m sure we can all agree that denim is the universal fabric of the fashion world.

But there’s a new trend walking runways and gracing glossy magazine pages… denim ON denim. Meaning you’re almost wearing denim from head to toe. And THAT is tricky business.

I’m sure you’ve heard the term “Canadian Tuxedo” (… I’m going to try not to take personal offense to that). But I’ll agree that it’s not exactly a look we want; rather one to avoid.

So here’s the deal. We’ve been seeing denim tops paired with denim bottoms – from Banana Republic, Gap, Ralph Lauren, and  Chloé. And I’m in absolute LOVE with the new Guess campaign, Denim Loves Denim. Check out their Lookbook here to see how they style this tricky trend!

It’s one thing for things to be okay for the runway, but not necessarily in real-life. But don’t let that scare you. The key to working the denim on denim look boils down to just a couple of things:

1. Mixing washes. Your top denim and bottom denim should never match. (Hence the tuxedo idea). Go for a denim jacket with a destroyed or faded wash, on top of your favorite shirt or sweater (any color — another love about denim; anything goes!) and a darker wash skinny jean.

2. Mixing fabric weights. Tuck a light, thinner denim shirt into your favorite darker pair. Or wear your favorite denim jacket with a lighter denim skirt. Feel the fabric weight, you’ll be able to tell.

3. Adding accents. Separate denim on denim with a tortoise-shell skinny belt. Or put a blazer over that light-weight denim shirt you have. Adding color or pattern will draw away from total-denim take-over.

Voilà! It’s not that bad, really, I promise. I’ve been doing denim on denim for a while. It’s just a cool look, when done properly.

Take a look at the looks from Banana Republic (and definitely check out the Guess Denim Loves Denim campaign for inspired looks — it’s my absolute favorite!) and I encourage you to take a stab at working this look!


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