‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: The Lioness

Discussing Season 2, Episode 4

[Spoilers from episode 4 from here on out]

Who would have guessed that we would start yet another episode with Zoe and Wade in bed together? I’m not complaining one bit. By the end, a real title (or the start of one) was put on their relationship. Let’s discuss.

Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Lemon steals a pregnancy test. After feeling ill while preparing Lavon for the Meat and Greet — a barbecue in town to rally more supporters for the election — she becomes nauseous. Her friend makes a comment about being pregnant, which sparks fear in this Belle’s heart. She anxiously tags along with Lavon as he meanders in the Dixie Stop, and she slips a pregnancy test into his shopping bag. On their way out, sirens blare. The little ol’ Dixie Stop has security alarms.

Lavon covers for Lemon and claims the test is for his alligator, Burt Reynolds — who may or may not be a girl. I could care less about the absurdity of the Dixie Stop Manager believing Lavon’s lie because we finally, finally hear of Burt Reynolds again. The poor alligator has been missing in action for many, many episodes. The brilliant moment of the night centers on Lavon’s shoplifting accusation. More on that later.

Is Lemon really pregnant? No. Of course not. She’s only sea sick from living on a house boat. George, the gentle man that he is, offers to switch his apartment for her shack on the sea.

The Great: Zoe tries out casual sex and realizes it’s not for her. Zoe spent the majority of the episode foaming at the mouth about attempting a casual “relationship” with Wade. She talks to Lavon, her best bud, about her sexcapades with Wade that have turned into naughty role-playing. When he refuses to listen, she reluctantly turns to his opponent in the election for advice — Ruby.

Zoe catches Wade inviting a blonde chick into his house and sticking a sock on the doorknob. Her anger led to the quote of the night: “It’s one thing for a lion to be King of the Jungle, but yo Simba, how about a little heads up if there’s going to be a hot new lioness in the den when Nala comes home.” — Zoe

In retaliation, she agrees to be set up with Ruby’s cousin. Instead of eating at a fancy restaurant in Mobile, Zoe switches the dinner plans for the Rammer Jammer — all to make Wade jealous. We don’t meet much of Ruby’s cousin. Zoe’s too busy slamming back white wine so Wade can refill her glass. (Side Note: Is Wade so confident that he doesn’t feel threatened by Ruby’s cousin? He hardly seemed frazzled by the matter. Or is Zoe just too transparent in her attempt to bring forth the jealousy?). The very last scene, Zoe confronts Wade with the realization that she can’t do casual sex. She’s not that type of person. And she asks him very pointedly if he would be up for being casually monogamous with her, but he doesn’t have to be her boyfriend.

He says yes. Ladies, he says yes. I was expecting a no. So much so that when he smiled that charming little smile, I rolled my eyes, waiting for the punch line. There was none. Nope. Instead, he accepted her offer with sincerity and said that the blonde chick was a girl dropping off tile for Zoe’s bathroom, and he’d hung up the sock after stepping in “raccoon crap.” After tonight, Zoe and Wade go down as an all time favorite television couple of mine. I honestly can’t see Zoe with anyone else, and the same can be said for Wade. Do you agree?

The Brilliant: Lavon wins over the Bluebell Owls Men’s Club as an endorsement for the election and subsequently loses their vote. Since Lavon covered for Lemon’s shoplifting scandal, the entire town heard of his illegal activity and jumped over to the Ruby camp. The Owls — the biggest endorsement either party could gain — also left Lavon out in the cold. The sheriff let Lavon off with a forty dollar fine and a slap on the wrist, so how exactly did all of Bluebell hear about Lavon shoplifting? All fingers point to Dr. Zoe Hart.

When Zoe drank a little too much, Wade whispered (pretty sexily I might add) the gossipy news to her, saying they had to go help Lavon out at the Dixie Stop. She then shrieked in exclamation that Lavon shop-lifted! Ruby heard, and she wasn’t against sending the news to the Gazette. That was low, don’t you think? I actually feel for Lavon. Being a Mayor is his livelihood, and Ruby’s playing dirty.

Thankfully, Lemon has a conscience, and she wouldn’t let Lavon take the heat for her actions. She fessed up about the pregnancy test, telling the Dixie Stop Manager it belonged to her, and Lavon’s supporters trickled back. The Owls, however, have decided to remain nonpartisan for the time being — neither choosing Lavon or Ruby. Who do you think they’ll support? And better yet, who do you think will actually win the election?

How long do you think Magnolia and Dr. Breeland can last without Lemon around to do their chores? Are you glad Wade and Zoe have somewhat committed to each other? Do you think it will stick? And isn’t George adorable as he’s thrown into the dating pool?  And lastly, Lemon said she wanted a career. In what exactly?

Becca Ritchie


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