By Wendell Scott
World of Coca-Cola

Photo by Wendell Scott

I woke up Tuesday morning. My hot tea spilled on the floor. I had to fill up my gas tank after doing it three days before. It was starting out to be a very horrible day.

I took a walk through Downtown Atlanta and ended up at Pemberton Place. I walked inside of a contemporary-styled building and there it was–The World of Coca-Cola. I became instantly happy.

We started out with a guided tour through the lobby and into The Happiness Factory, where my mood suddenly changed. I was greeted by these very odd characters who seemed to have not a care in the world. The one I will always remember was Wendy, who was the cheerleader of the group and made sure everyone was happy and performing at their best. Was I in a dream? No one is ever this nice. I needed an aspirin.

We walked into the heart of the World of Coca-Cola, where the walls were splashed with an array of colors and shapes giving me an even warmer feeling inside. The best part of the attraction was going through “The Vault” to learn about the history of Dr. John Pemberton (Inventor of Coca-Cola) and seeing where they actually stored the secret formula of the world’s favorite soda. It’s located right next to–oh wait I forgot, I can’t tell you that. It’s a secret! Shhhh!

And, of course, The Tasting Room is a smash hit with everyone. You get to taste Coke products from all around the world. My personal favorite is Vegita-Beta from Japan. It’s not carbonated, and almost tastes like Vitamin Water mixed with peach juice. It’s a very distinct flavor. Oh, do me a favor, make sure you try Beverly. You won’t forget it. 😉

I picked up my complimentary glass bottle of Coke and walked out. What was this? I was smiling? And skipping? The World of Coca-Cola actually positively changed my day. The main goal of the attraction is to put a smile on your face and forget about what worries you might have outside of it. And I say, they do a fantastic job of doing that. From odd characters to chugging down a sample of Mango Tea from Europe, it’s all in good fun.

So sip up, and add the World of Coca-Cola to your Fall Fun List. You’ll be happy you did.

World of Coca-Cola Website

–Wendell Scott


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