By Wendell Scott

Remember how I told you not to go wandering in cemeteries all alone? Well, you didn’t listen. Now there are zombies and witches coming after you. What do you do?

You Run Like Hell (or Like Heck, for the little ones) of course. On October 20th, join some ghoulish monsters and some plain old joggers for the Run Like Hell 5K through the Oakland Cemetery and Grant Park. You’ll be running next to some pretty amazing monuments and mausoleums where some notables including Margaret Mitchell, Bobby Jones and Maynard Jackson call home. I actually dropped by the cemetery last week, and if you’re not gasping for breath during your run, you should definitely take your time and explore its beauty.

Now, when I say there will be zombies and witches chasing after you, I didn’t say they would be scary. Kids and adults are highly encouraged to dress in costume too! If I were to do this race in costume, half of it would be thrown across the racing track. I’d be ripping it off as I got hotter and hotter from all of that running!

But, if you can handle running in costume, then hey, sign up for their Annual Costume Contest too. They will be giving away “cemetery-themed” awards for both this contest and the 5K run. I want one award…or three.

Think you can handle it? Head on to for more information!

Now seriously, stop walking alone near those cemeteries!

–Wendell Scott


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