‘Arrow’ Recap: Hello, China White

Discussing Season 1, Episode 2

[Spoilers from episode 2 from here on out]

By the end of the episode, I had one overall thought: Stephen Amell was born to play Arrow. Really, I couldn’t imagine someone pulling off Oliver Queen’s multi-personas with as much passion and fortitude and superhero-worthy poise. With his sister, he’s guarded, hiding vulnerability. With the public, he’s rude and outlandish without being too comical. With bad guys, he’s ruthless, merciless and incredibly athletic. The man can jump walls. And I’m pretty sure he’s already jumped into my heart.

Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from episode 2. Hit up the comment boards with your thoughts.

The Good: Oliver’s resistance to let someone in (and tell us what happened on that island!). Thea brings Oliver to his grave site saying, “I’d come here to talk to you.” She begs him to open up, admitting that she felt closer to him when he was dead. But it’s not his sister he bonds with over a bowl mint chocolate chip ice cream. Cut to Miss Laurel Lance. What do you think about their relationship? Not very many actresses can play headstrong, still be likable and romantically linked to a man, but Katie Cassidy has a knack for balancing all three. The “What Happened on the Island?” moment didn’t occur, but Oliver shared his feelings about his mom, which was quickly disrupted by China White and her goons.

The Great: Oliver’s mother throws in another twist. Who knew she’d be the one to constantly blow my mind. Let’s backtrack a little. Oliver’s mother is not so happy about a new hooded crusader scaring people in Starling City. Hmm, could this have to do with her involvement with the boat accident or kidnapping her own son last episode? Mommy Queen has skeletons up her sleeves. She’s also on Oliver’s case. Her hired bodyguard, Diggle, can’t keep up with Oliver, and she wonders where exactly he’s been running off to. Oliver tells her, “I’ve been alone for five years.” Emphasis on alone.

During the memorial for the late Mr. Queen, Oliver’s mother insists that he take a leading role in the family company, but Oliver’s not having it. He’s still disturbed that his father’s CFO now sleeps down the hall and is married to his mother. He renounces his title and walks off. The last few moments of the episode proposed a variety of questions, and one surrounds Mommy Queen. She talks to a strange figure, and tells him (or her) that her son knows nothing about the late Mr. Queen or that the yacht was sabotaged. So Mommy Queen is working for someone sinister. Who? Our clue came in the form of a strange symbol. Marc Guggeheim, the executive producer of “Arrow,” tweeted the image.

What do you make of it?

The Brilliant: Detective Lance hot on Arrow’s trail while China White emerges as the big bad drug leader. Here’s how it started: Laurel Lance targeted Martin Summers in court. Her client’s father, Victor, learned of Summers’ drug smuggling operation, and Summers had his throat slit. But wait! Summers appears on Arrow’s hit list — written by the late Mr. Queen who knew all the corrupt baddies in town. Arrow suspends Summers by his ankles, telling him he must plead guilty in court. But China White puppets poor Martin Summers, and she’s not to happy about someone disrupting her plans.

Back to Detective Lance. He orders officers to guard his daughter after realizing Summers was really attacked by a hooded figure. Since Laurel’s immersed in the Summers trial, he fears her safety. Which is understandable considering China White,  the leader of the drug cartel, decides that in order for her operation to run smoothly, Laurel Lance must die. She attempts to do just that, entering Laurel’s apartment with guns blazing, but Oliver’s there eating a bowl of ice cream. China escapes without killing Laurel, but she did manage to kill all of the detective’s police officers. Easy fodder. Does anyone else find the detective as one of the most compelling characters in the “Arrow” saga?

Back with the drug cartel, the scared thug tells Arrow that the Triad killed Victor but only with his instructions. Enter China White to clean up her goon’s mess. After Arrow and China exchange words in another language, they prepare to fight! Their battle comes to a draw, but Arrow manages to give Detective Lance a recording with Summers’ confession of the murder.

We must talk about that flashback! You know, the one on the island where a hooded figure shoots Oliver in the arm with an arrow.  Word around the web is that the caped man might just be Deadshot  or Deathstroke from DC comics — both assassins. Who do you think he is? And what do you make of the strange circular symbol?

Here’s what you had to say last night:

And a fellow fan talking about the Easter Egg in the pilot — an orange/black mask:

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Becca Ritchie

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