‘Hart of Dixie’ Recap: Happy Times

Discussing Season 2, Episode 3

[Spoilers from episode 3 from here on out]

Zoe actually has multiple patients to treat. Though, their maladies are hardly noteworthy for the reporter who wants write an article on Dr. Hart. I was pleasantly surprised to see Wade and Zoe’s story intersect once again. Are you happy about the continued pairing? Let’s discuss:

Zoe and Wade: In an attempt to impress a reporter from her alumni magazine, Zoe predicts that Tom Long may have leprosy due to his rash. She whittles down the source of his symptoms to Crazy Earl, Wade’s father, since Tom did yard work for him. At Earl’s place, he teases Wade and Zoe about their relationship (or lack thereof), and mentions that he’s been trying to wrangle Randy outside. No, Randy’s not a neighbor but a pesky armadillo — a likely carrier for leprosy.

As Wade and Zoe set traps for Randy, they rehash their relationship. Wade says, “I might have been explaining to [my father] how my life has become so much easier since we stopped sleeping together.” Zoe says that for someone who’s so annoyed with her, he spends an awful lot of time at her house without a shirt. (Note: Wade has been painting her house, half-naked, and taking his good ol’ time to finish the job). After capturing the armadillo, Zoe’s lab reports relieve Tom Long of any leprosy. His blood work revealed an increase in sodium due to anti-anxiety medications. He’s been taking them since Wanda’s been pressuring him to have sex.

With no leprosy find, the reporter leaves Bluebell without an earth-shattering story about Dr. Hart. And in the most heartfelt scene of the night, Wade says to Zoe, “God, sometimes I think you’re the saddest person in the world. You’re always looking over your shoulder wondering what life should be instead of taking it for what it is.” In an effort to live life happily as Wade suggested, Zoe brings a video game to his house with the promise of playing strip Halo later on.

Lemon: As Lemon and Annabelle go dress shopping, Lemon reveals her diabolical plan to find a man, kiss him in town and Wanda will capture the evidence to relay back to George. Annabelle spots a sexy hot pink mini on another woman, and the pink mini-wearer suddenly exclaims about her dress, “George Tucker is going to love it!” Ooh, game on.

At a classy bar, Lemon competes for the attention of the same man as Ruby, the troublemaker running against Lavon in the elections. Guess who has a new rival? Ruby versus Lemon has stepped into center ring. “I want to watch you lose,” Ruby says, tired of the Breelands always getting their way. With a tight red dress, Lemon accomplishes her plan, stealing the man from Ruby and sneaking in a kiss. Lemon ends the moment, realizing she’s not entirely over her breakup just yet. It takes time. She channels her powers for good and proposes to Lavon that she should be his campaign manager for the election. Oh, and she also happens to be living on a houseboat. That’s one leap away from camping. Who’s impressed?

George: On George’s first date since his broken engagement, he runs into Dr. Breeland, Lemon’s father, who awkwardly turns George’s twosome into a threesome at the restaurant table. Dr. Breeland drops a bomb, telling George’s date that he broke off a fifteen year relationship and left the bride at the alter. Suffice it to say, she probably won’t be dating George again. Afterwards, George apologizes to Dr. Breeland for breaking his daughter’s heart. “You’ve been nothing less than a father to me.” They hug it out, realizing that with the split, they’ve lost their relationship too.

Do you like Ruby? She’s clearly a bitter girl who still holds high school grudges while everyone’s moved on. Do you think she has a shot to win the election? Where do you think Zoe and Wade’s relationship should go from here? And did you see those previews?! Lemon is caught with a pregnancy test next week. Is a baby in the oven or is it all a ruse?

Becca Ritchie


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