From Season 2, Episode 3

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 3 below. Proceed with caution.]

“Hart of Dixie” has no shortage of funny and heartfelt moments, and episode 3 did not disappoint. Here are eight standouts.

  • “Who paints half-dressed?” — Zoe
  • “I’m annoyed because I keep waking up to paint fumes, courtesy of a shirtless and slightly off-key bartender who thinks he’s Blake Shelton.” — Zoe about Wade
  • “Where do you think you’re going, Pasty? Can you even do a push-up?” — Zoe
  • Wade: “Leprosy — like hands and feet falling off, leprosy?”
    Zoe: “Yes.”
    Wade: “I’m no doctor, but that sounds kind of made up.”
    Zoe: “You sound made up!”
  • “You got leprosy of the brain.” — Wade to his father, Crazy Earl.
  • Wade: “We got an armadillo to catch.”
    Crazy Earl: “Is that what the kids are calling it these days?”
  • “I know this guy, kind of an amateur expert on happiness. And according to him, playing video games like Halo actually increases people’s overall levels of happiness. It’s scientific.” — Zoe
  • “As it turns out, I have one of these happiness machines that will play your so called video games.” — Wade

Becca Ritchie


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