‘TVD’: Adventures in Body-Snatching

Discussing Season 4, Episode 1

[Spoilers for the season 4 premiere from here on out]

After a brutal summer break with a cliffhanger of doom, “The Vampire Dairies” solved nearly every question we had in the season premiere and then proceeded to throw out more — just the way I like it.

Here are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from last night.

The Good: Elena feeds, completing the transition into a vampire. Thanks to Stefan, the road there wasn’t a smooth one. He convinced her to wait to drink blood, hoping they would find an alternative to death or turning, thus waiting to officiate her vampiric status. Of course, Damn scoffed at Stefan’s attempts to disillusion poor Elena. (Side Note: My viewing party thought Elena’s disgust at turning into a vampire was slightly hypocritical since she dates them. Food for thought). After months of waiting, I nervously hoped Stefan caught amnesia or slipped on a banana peel so he couldn’t find any magic alternatives. Bonnie failed to pull Elena’s spirit from another plane, so it looked as if Elena would be a vampire after all. But wait! The crazy pastor in town captures Elena, Stefan and a bitter Rebekah, tossing them in cattle pens. Rebekah has a soft spot for love, red dresses and proms that she’s never attended — so it wasn’t a stretch that she stomached her resentment and helped Elena feed by tossing a bodyguard to Stefan, who then cracked his neck. (Side Note: Did you notice that when Elena “feeds,” it’s by daintily sticking her finger in a pool of blood? I guess for her first time, she couldn’t ravage a human neck. How unladylike.)

The Great: Elena’s forgotten memories return. A special perk of being a vamp, Elena receives all the heartfelt moments Damon forced her to forget with his bulgy eyes and dilated pupils (i.e. vampire powers!). In the season 3 finale, Elena reveals that she chose Stefan because she had met him first. When in fact, she stumbled upon Damon and he willed her to forget their brief encounter. Another significant memory, Damon expressed his love for Elena. Even with the knowledge of Damon’s true bridled feelings, Elena ends up watching a sunrise next to the other Salvatore brother. Does Damon have any hope at romancing Elena this season?

The Brilliant: Rebekah smashes the blood bags. You know, the ones filled with the last bit of Elena’s human blood — the one ingredient that enables Klaus to create hybrids, a half-vamp, half-werewolf army. Let’s backtrack a little to Klaus inhabiting Tyler’s body. Klaus convinces Bonnie to use magic to put him back into his original body — which to his surprise survived the flames that consumed his coffin. Earlier, Bonnie received an ominous warning from her dead Grams about playing with dark magic, and she only performs the ritual when Klaus digs his werewolf-sharp nails into his chest (which happens to be Tyler’s), threatening to yank out Tyler’s heart and jump into another body, like Matt’s. Bonnie mutters (Latin? Parseltongue? Witchy-words?) and bam, Tyler is Tyler and Klaus is Klaus. For Bonnie, the cost was her (already dead) Grams dying again? Black veins snaked over her Grams’ forehead, and she withered into darkness. Hmm. What do you think happened? Elsewhere, Rebekah, emotional and tear-streaked, vents at Klaus. Why did he save Caroline and not her, thus letting the pastor hold her captive at his ranch? (As an Original, she couldn’t be killed and Caroline could.) She grabs his last two precious blood bags and says that he loves his hybrid family more than her — that he’s trying to build a family when he has one right in front of him. Rebekah has been by his side through everything. Klaus barely tries to convince her otherwise, and in retaliation, the blood bursts between her fingers. Klaus basically says that she’s dead to him.

Who thought Klaus, played by Joseph Morgan, would return in the season premiere? Not me. That might have been the one big shocker — in addition to the loss of Elena’s human blood thanks to Rebekah — in an episode with a few predictable elements. Did the season premiere live up to your expectations? Are you happy to see Elena as a vampire and hand-in-hand with Stefan? What do you think Bonnie will be dealing with now that she’s angered the spirits? Did you like the crazy pastor taking over Mystic Falls? And the biggest question of all, how did Elena break out of the makeshift jail so she could tackle Damon in the yard? Last I remember, she’d squeezed her head through the bars, gasping (and gasping) to touch her little finger to the blood.

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Becca Ritchie

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