Move over Stelena and Delena. There’s a new love triangle in town. revealed a promo picture of Klaus, Caroline and Tyler that promotes a hybrid-vampire love triangle.


Julie Plec has gone on the record as saying, “The Triangle Has Been Reset” this season in regards to Elena’s emotional tug-of-war with Damon and Stefan. But the truth of the matter is, for the first few season four episodes, the triangle hasn’t just been reset, it’s totally shifted to Klaus, Caroline and Tyler!

Zap2it interviewed Joseph Morgan who plays Klaus while the cast and crew were shooting episode 7.  On competing with Tyler for Caroline, he says, “Deep down, ultimately, [Tyler’s] a good guy. He’s honorable now, at least, so I think it’s difficult for Klaus to compete with him in terms of honor because of all the terrible things that he’s done, so he finds other ways to kind of put himself up there.”

Which triangle are you invested in? Take the poll below:

Becca Ritchie


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