‘Supernatural’: 7 Quotable Moments

From Season 8, Episode 2
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Becca Ritchie
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[SPOILER ALERT: Content from episode 2 below. Proceed with caution.]

“Supernatural” went back to basics last night, focusing on action with top-notch comedy. Here are 7 quotable moments:

“You hid the Word of God in a diaper bag?” — Dean

“We guard the souls in heaven. We don’t horse trade them.” — Alfie, an angel

“Can’t get rid of all my black-eyed boys, Samantha.” — Crowley to Sam

Right-hand man: “I am the right hand of a God, after all. Plutus specifically.”
Dean: “Is that even a planet anymore?”
Right-hand man: “It’s the god of greed.”

“Well thank you, Mr. Peanut!” — Dean

Crowley: “Fine, you win. I bid my own soul.”
Auctioneer: “Mr. Crowley, you don’t have a soul.”

“I think too much heart was always Castiel’s problem.” — Alfie

Becca Ritchie

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