‘Arrow’ Recap: Bam, Pow, You’re Dead

Discussing the Series Premiere

[Spoilers from the series premiere from here on out]

Last night pretty much proved that even with all the billboards and promos and advertisements, “Arrow” delivered a full hour of non-stop, heart pumping action that I haven’t felt since watching the pilot of “Supernatural.” “Arrow” kick-starts with a long-haired Oliver Queen deserted on an island — a green hood cloaking his grizzly face. After being shipwrecked for five years, Oliver Queen returns to Starling City with a plan. “I am returning, not the boy who was shipwrecked, but the man who will bring justice to those who have poisoned my city.”

Below are the Good, the Great, and the Brilliant moments from the pilot. Hit up the comment boards with your thoughts on the episode.

The Good: Oliver Queen’s relationship with his little sister. When she sees Oliver for the first time after five years, he says,”You were with me the whole time.” But she’s not twelve anymore. Oliver catches her buying what looks like cocaine at his welcome home party. She quickly reminds him of her new age and that he’s missed way too much of her life to control it. With a heartfelt speech, she says, “You died. My brother and my father died. I went to your funerals.” In a setting where Oliver has lied to almost everyone about his vigilante status, he seems to unravel the most in front of his sister — not about killing red-masked men but about showing her that he’s no longer a party animal and paparazzi hater (he has bigger enemies to kill, after all).

The Great: Plot twists galore. The tangled relationships between each and every character seamlessly unwinds by the end. Oliver Queen watched Laurel Lance’s sister drown during a boating trip — the same trip that made him lose five years of his civilized life.  Oh and Detective Lance, Laurel’s father, happens to be on the hunt for the hooded vigilante. Who saw that coming? Via flashbacks, we learn that Oliver’s father killed himself and one other man to ensure that Oliver would be able to live and avenge his mistakes. He says, “You can survive this. Make it home. Make it better. Right my wrongs. But you’ve got to live through this first.” And the biggest twist of the night, Oliver’s mother hired men to kidnap her own son.

The Brilliant: Stephen Amell as Oliver Queen and insane upon insane action sequences. Stephen Amell plays Queen with delicate poise, not overdoing a superhero that could easily straddle the Cheese County line. He’s tough when he needs to be, coy when he wants to be and hot pretty much all of the time. Let’s discuss the first giant action sequence. After being zip-tied to a chair by multiple red-masked men — and with his friend, Tommy, seemingly unconscious on the floor — the men start to interrogate Oliver about his father. “Did your father survive that accident? Did he make it to the island? Did he tell you anything?” All the while, the kidnapper tasers Oliver so he’ll answer. Oliver relents saying, “Yes, he did.” What did his father tell him? “He told me, I’m going to kill you.” Bam. One of the best lines of the night. Next, Stephen Amell shows off his athletic prowess, smashing his chair against his opponent, using their guns against each other, and actually doing the chasing. Yes, that’s right. He chases the men who hold the machine-like guns, hopping over buildings and scaling walls to reach them. When he does, he puts one in a compromising headlock. “You killed that man,” Oliver says. “You don’t have to do this,” his kidnapper pleads. “Yes, I do.” Snap! 

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Join us next week for the chance to have your tweet appear on the recap. What were your favorite moments of the pilot?

Becca Ritchie

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