From Season 2, Episode 2 "Always on My Mind"

[SPOILER ALERT: Content from season 2, episode 2 below. Proceed with caution.)

Last night’s episode of “Hart of Dixie” had plenty of humor, all the way from Zoe and Wade’s no-sex bet to their plan to help Rose score a cool headliner for the BlueBellapalooza. Here are seven quotable moments.

  • “Oh come on, you’re the landlord. You can make a rule: No sex between tenants.” — Zoe to Levon
  • “If you excuse me, I have to go marry the ketchups. Maybe they’ll go through with it.” — Lemon to George
  • (Levon thinks Ruby, his old high school girlfriend who’s back in town, is up to something). Zoe says, “Look, stop being crazy, just ask her if she has an evil plot to destroy you.” Levon: “Says my reasonable friend who is on her second bag of marshmallows.”  Zoe: “Hey, it takes a lot of marshmallows to get any nutritional value. Plus, it’s been almost 24 hours since I had sex with Wade. It was either this or smoking.”
  • “You’re the nose hair of humanity / You ravaged me emotionally / I was fine, but now I see / You disgust me. You disgust me. You disgust me. Whoa-ah-oh, whoa-ah-oh, whoa-ah ah oh.” — LilyAnn Lanagan, a local singer and Wade’s ex-flame,  sings about Wade
  • “In addition to being a nut-burger, she’s also a hypochondriac.” — Wade about LilyAnn
  • “Even grown up, we’re all fifteen at heart.” — Zoe

Becca Ritchie


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