In a little over a week, “The Vampire Diaries'” season 4 will premiere, and all of our burning questions will begin to be answered — one of which being Tyler’s body-swapping situation with Klaus (Joseph Morgan). Will Klaus use Tyler’s skin to his advantage and woo Caroline (Candice Accola)? According to our CW69 poll, fans prefer Klaroline over a Tyler and Caroline match-up (Tyline? Caroler? For Team Tyler shippers, please clear this up in the comments. I am stumped).

Michael Trevino talks about Klaus and Caroline in an interview with the CW. Take a look below:


At the end, Trevino says, “I miss Atlanta” and being back home (“The Vampire Diaries” films in Georgia). If I can speak for Atlanta, I’d say that the entire city is sure glad that season 4 is almost here.

What are you most looking forward to? The Stefan-Elena-Damon love triangle? Klaroline? Bonnie displaying her witchy powers? And if you know the mystery surrounding Tyler and Caroline’s mashed-up love name, share below!

Becca Ritchie


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